Announcement! Ready packaged FastPack AC Drives are now available from Micromech

Announcement! Ready packaged FastPack AC Drives are now available from Micromech

The Parker SSD drives for fans and pumps are a range of three phase industrial drives designed to help save energy in fans, pumps and compressors applications up to 110kW. They are housed in IP54 electrical cabinets together with associated control equipment, ready-to-install in the most demanding environments.

Parker SSD FastpackCompatible with most existing building management systems, they are designed for easy replacement of soft starters, direct on-line or star/delta starters. Their additional benefits include improving the load power by a factor of > 0.95, which also contributes greatly to the reduction of the electricity bill.

The FastPack drives have ratings up to 110kW on 400Vac supply and have a power output of .75 to 110kW on centrifugal loads. The power supply is 380-460VAC ± 10%; 50-60Hz ±, they can overload by 110% for 10 seconds and have an output frequency of 0 – 240Hz. The FastPack has two relay outputs for, one for drive running, the other drive healthy. The I/O interface is compatible with most existing building management systems.

They are built into a IP54 enclosure that is door mounted operated as standard, and can have as an option a door mounted isolator switch. The EMC filter conforms to EN61800-3 and the drive runs at an ambient temperature of 0-40°, where the rating requires ventilation, cooling fans and filters are fitted.

The Parker SSD FastPacks are widely used drive package which is easy to commission, a ready-to-install, stand-a-lone drive and on a speedy delivery at sensible prices. For more information click here or contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or email

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Micromech solutions, combined components

Micromech solutions, combined components

We have realised that a service we have always had available but maybe something we have not promoted and customers are not aware that we do.

If a motor is needed to be fitted to a gearbox or an actuator we can do it. It needs a drive, a controller, cables all wired and functioning – we do the software! In fact any of our products you want combined we can supply right the way through to a complete system, installed and commissioned.

We have therefore added a ‘solutions’ page to our web site so if you wish to find out more click here

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Eye Spyraflo, a look at bearing applications…. Episode 24: The magnificent Mercedes Benz has super Spyraflo keeping a lid on things

Eye Spyraflo, a look at bearing applications…. Episode 24: The magnificent Mercedes Benz has super Spyraflo keeping a lid on things

The Mercedes Benz Maybach, thought by many to be the World’s most luxurious Saloon car, is manufactured by Daimler Chrysler who needed something special for the centre console lid where compactness and quality was the design criteria.

The answer from Spyraflo was to supply them with self-clinching/self-aligning Delrin bearings for use in this prestigious vehicle some consider the most elegant and costly saloon car in the world. Through its German distributor, they are providing FSD-2M bearings for installation in the vehicle’s centre console. The 2mm bearings are securely installed into the sheet-steel frame that forms the console latch. They lend themselves perfectly to the Maybach application, taking up very little space, while the self-aligning capability ensures the mechanism works as flawlessly as an owner of such a magnificent car would expect.

In the Maybach manufacturing facility in Sindelfingen, Germany, over 300 highly skilled Daimler Chrysler craftsmen produce about five Maybachs each day. At least four weeks of masterful craftsmanship is required to produce a single vehicle, each one unique and taking on the character and personality of its individual owner. Prices for the wonderful Maybach can reach £200,000, priced to compare with other top-of-the-range cars the Bentley and Rolls Royce.

Micromech is the UK and Eire distributor of these clever bearings, if you would like more information about them or perhaps a sample, then contact Alisia Cherry on 01376 333333 or email

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Yaskawa Sigma 2 & Sigma 5 servomotors & drives are available from Micromech

Yaskawa Sigma 2 & Sigma 5 servomotors & drives are available from Micromech 
The Sigma series decisively increases a machine’s performance and productivity because YASKAWA has been aggressively challenging itself to enhance the servo performance and functions. The Sigma 5 is a servo pack is the latest in the range consisting of servomotors, servo amplifiers and a powerful set-up tool.

The Sigma-5 covers all market demands with regard to compact size, high dynamics, high efficiency, low maintenance and outstanding reliability. In addition, the auto-tuning function was optimised for the most sophisticated applications. For example, the new auto-tuning algorithm allows the perfect set-up of two axes in super high-performance machine in less than two hours compared to eight hours or longer for some rival products of servo drives.

The effects of a motor load can be simulated in the servo amplifier using a mathematical model that is part of the new control algorithm. This allows the complete motion control system to be tested before connecting the motor and means electrical engineers do not have to wait for the mechanical engineers to finish the machine.

Five different algorithms are incorporated to counter different forms of vibration at frequencies from 50Hz to 5kHz and above which results in quieter, more reliable operation, with improved productivity. Other characteristics of the Sigma-5 include an operating temperature range of 0-55°C without de-rating, the ability to handle 350% torque overloads for 3–5s and an increase in surface cutting accuracy in machining applications to 1 micron.

The major benefits of Sigma-5, such as precise and fast positioning, highest machine speed, vibration less motion, smooth running at lowest speed, make them ideal for machines in the fields of electronics, semiconductors, packaging, printing and machine tools. The are also an effective match for the injection moulding and metal forming industries, where high throughput and point-to-point positioning are decisive factors

As well as servo amplifiers, the system includes new ranges of rotary, direct-drive and linear motors. The rotary motors, initially covering ratings from 0.1–15kW, have 30% fewer components, weigh 20% less, and are 30% shorter than previous models. They have new stator and winding designs, allowing smaller machines to be used in many applications, and cutting energy consumption by up to 30%. There is a 20-bit incremental serial encoder for the new family, which provides more than a million information points per revolution. In addition there is a new coupling to link the encoder to the motor that doubles its vibration resistance (to 5G) compared to previous versions. The encoder has a five-year battery life – claimed to be twice as long as its rivals.

The Sigma-2 is a range already used widely throughout the UK is also available from Micromech. Their upgraded control algorithms enhance control, such as the model follow-up control and the vibration suppression control, against vibration. Position settling time is reduced to a third of conventional models even if your machine is not rigid.
Outstanding rapid response is achieved with 1/3 settling time due to 1/2 CPU operation time and upgraded new control algorithms. 6000min–1 is the highest speed available. Its flange is designed as IEC72. High-resolution serial encoder and d-q current vector control improve positioning speed and torque control accuracy.
For easy set-up and maintenance there is online auto tuning automatically which adjusts machine characteristics and sets servo gains. Electronic nameplate enables quick motor parameter setting. Standard braking resistor connection terminals ease connection. Built-in parameter setting device enables direct parameter input and the alarm trace back function additionally enables easy maintenance.

Option board attachments respond to expanding needs by just attaching one to the side of the SERVOPACK to link it to your motion controller or to perform highly precise positioning. Option boards for MECHATROLINK and full closed link I/F are available. Field bus links for Sercos, Profibus, CANOpen, DeviceNet, and others, which are available as option boards improve the network adaptability. These reliable, cost effective servos fully comply with International standards (CE and UL /cUL) and the motors are recognised for providing environmental resistance with protective enclosure complying with IP55 standard (Type SGMAH) and enhanced vibration resistance.

Micromech is the UK distributor and integrator for Yaskawa motors, drives and controls.
For more information about these versatile products contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or email for technical or Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or email for price and delivery.

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Micromech Divisions… Systems


Since 1990, Micromech Systems Limited (MSL) has evolved into a system build and automation specialist, catering for the changing role of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), manufacturers and research establishments. As large OEM’s downsize and manufacturers seek ways to reduce costs they look for a cost-effective sub-contract facility or an automation company to provide the skills and experience to improve production. Research, pharmaceutical, life sciences, medical and university organisations are also increasingly requiring specialist support. MSL has a strong reputation in offering these services and as a result now has an increasing number of customers enter into long term relationships.


There are these days a constant development of new technologies, processes and manufacturing techniques that all businesses must adopt to increase efficiency and productivity. They have to balance higher quality with reduced costs while being very flexible to accommodate ever-changing demand and product development. On top all this there are Health and safety regulations as well as deluge of employment laws affecting production. System build and automation is often the answer, which is where MSL can help. Our success in developing motion control and automation systems for a wide range of industries, which include printing, packaging, machine tools, automotive, research, nuclear and food processing, is due to our ability to listen carefully to customer needs and delivering the project on time and within budget.



We offer a complete service, from design and build, to test, programming, installation and commissioning and furthermore we are at the forefront of technological change. At MSL we will continue to offer the customer a state-of-the-art solution to a problem with a commercially sensible approach.

Control automation is changing at all levels, driven by developments in computer technology, manufacturers are facing increased challenges in ever more demanding markets, and the traditional approaches to automation control are coming under close scrutiny.
The ability to meet the requirements of modern manufacture can only come from increased flexibility in the process control environment and to do this MSL has expertise in all aspects of automation technology. This allows the manufacturer to concentrate on production of their own product, saving valuable time and resource.

Micromech Systems can produce a complete control system; including, initial concept, design, build, test, software programming, installation and commissioning, while ensuring the latest motion control products are used and that the relative European Directives have been applied.

The ability to produce all types of automation software; bringing in data manipulation, math’s functions, statistical process control – combined with the latest generations of man-machine interfaces, provides for greater functionality and improved productivity.


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