Servo Network Driver for LabVIEW

Servo Network Driver for

YASKAWA ELECTRIC announces the release of a new driver for National Instruments’ LabVIEW graphical programming environment. This driver allows for the creation of motion profiles on a standard PC with Windows XP/Vista, which allows for simple point-to-point moves in test and measurement, lab automation, and many other applications. The driver combines the power of LabView with Yaskawa’s family of AC servo drives and motors via a PCI communication card running MECHATROLINK-II. Now, LabVIEW can fully harness the broadest range of servo products from 30W to 7.5kW.


This MECHATROLINK-II driver provides LabVIEW users a simple, easy-to-use, and powerful network for controlling “point-topoint” and velocity motion in MECHATROLINK-II enabled devices:

• Yaskawa’s Sigma III and Sigma-5 servos
• Yaskawa’s VFDs
• Other MECHATROLINK-II enabled devices (i.e. steppers and remote I/O modules, etc.)

High Performance

Simple, asynchronous, point-to-point commands are initiated in the LabVIEW environment, while the real-time position loop and trajectory generation is handled by each individual servo drive. Trapezoidal motion profiles (as seen to the right), jerk-limited accelerations, as well as sophisticated control loops, are some of the features of this high-performance servo drive.



MECHATROLINK-II is a digital servo network which reduces wiring between servo drives and a host controller. It enables quick and reliable bidirectional transfer of servo axis data. A serial encoder interface further increases the communication between motion control components by allowing motor data to be accessed by the host controller. The new LabVIEW driver for the NT110 PCI card allows an ordinary Windows XP/Vista PC to be the host controller for a real-time servo system.





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