New high precision single axis stages with built in linear motor

New high precision single axis stages with built in linear motor

Nippon SLPThe SLP series from Micromech is a high performance, linear, single axis stage that is high thrust, high speed, high responsiveness and high precision. The stages have long strokes, are of simple design, easy to install and because they are a non-contact drive means low noise, a long life span and maintenance free.

A high-precision stage for industrial applications, the SLP series of stages offer superior technology that is unmatched in the industry. As an all-inclusive stage, the SLP stage provides integrated shaft support within the housing and simplifies the transition from conventional ball-screw systems. Because this stage system features a lightweight, compact linear shaft drive, the SLP is therefore a low profile, high-precision product. The built-in shaft motor is a maintenance free device and also eliminates sound and dust production. The stages feature the smallest dead zone of any similar stage system available on the market today. In addition, there are no stages on the current market that match the SLP series’ force-to-volume ratio making it an outstanding solution for those with space limitations.

The first in the series is the SL P15 which has a HEIDENHAIN LIDA279 1μm encoder, the continuous force is 17N and peak force 90N. The maximum acceleration is 3.5G and maximum velocity 3m/s with a repeatability of 0.0005mm, the max load is 5kg horizontal and 3kg wall. The strokes are for the single forcer 100 to 1300 mm in 100 lengths and 100 to 1200 for the double forcer.

Next in the series with the same encoder is the SLP25 but this has a continuous force of 80N and peak force of 340N.  Acceleration, velocity and repeatability are also the same but the horizontal load is up to a max of 30kg and wall 15kg. The
single and the double forcer strokes go from 200 to1200mm in 100mm lengths.

The third in the series is the SLP35, which also has the Heidenhain encoder, same acceleration, velocity and repeatability as the other stages. The continuous force of this range is 185N and peak force 970N, the horizontal load is a max of60kg and wall load 30kg. The single forcer strokes are 300 to1200mm and the double 300 t0 900mm both again in 100mm lengths.

If you would like more information about these excellent stages contact Stirling on 01376 333333 or

‘Affordable Automation’


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