Micromech the UK’s principal Parker motion partner has the complete solution

Micromech the UK’s principal Parker motion partner has the complete solution

Micromech is Parkers motion partner and can now offer a bespoke solution to meet all of your motion control needs

UK Strategy for Nanotechnology

UK Strategy for Nanotechnology
This comprehensive report will be of interest to all those involved in nanotechnology and highlights the opportunities for the UK in this most important technology.

By kind permission of Dr. Thierry Bontoux (TBx Consulting Ltd) and Mr. Tom Warwick (NanoInk Inc.) please click here for the report


The Nippon Pulse Linear Shaft Motor is little bit special

The Nippon Pulse Linear Shaft Motor is little bit special
Many of you already know what a Linear Shaft Motor comprises of, how it works and its benefits but our editor came across this article by Nippon Pulse and thought it useful for those not quite so familiar with the product. The extra features of the Nippon motor however make this linear motor a bit special.

The underlying motor technology is a high precision direct drive linear servomotor, consisting of a shaft of Rare Earth-Iron-Boron Permanent (NIB) Magnets and a ‘forcer’ of cylindrically wound coils which can be supplied with optional Hall Effect devices.

Nippon Linear Shaft MotorThe shaft supplies the magnetic field which the forcer acts upon. The forcer assembly, combined with the amplifier and control electronics, produces the force for the motor. The Hall Effect devices can be supplied, if required by the selected servo driver for proper commutation of a brushless linear motor, and are integrated into the forcer assembly.

The Linear Shaft Motor (LSM) was designed with three basic design concepts: Linear Shaft Motors must be simple, they will consist of only two parts, a magnetic shaft and a ‘forcer’ of cylindrically wound coils and will provide ultra high precision.

They have no iron in the forcer or shaft thus giving the precision and zero cogging expected in a coreless design. The coils of the LSM themselves form the core thus giving you the stiffness expected in an iron cored motor. The LSM is non-contact and since the coil completely wraps around the magnets, all the magnetic flux is efficiently used. This allows for a large (0.5 to 2.5mm) nominal annular air gap. This air gap is non-critical, meaning there is no variation in force as the gap varies over the stroke of the device.

The basic design of the LSM is that the magnetic structure of the shaft is built in such a manner that there is no space between each magnet and is fully supported within itself. The magnetic structure is then inserted into a protective stainless steel tube. This patented process is protected by numerous patents throughout the world. The patented process used by the LSM produces a very strong magnetic field, which is twice that of other linear motors.

The forcer construction has the coils of the Linear Shaft Motor in a cylindrical format, thus providing a number of key advantages over other linear motors.  The cylindrical design of the coils makes the coil assembly very stiff without the use of external stiffening materials, such as the iron used by platen style linear motors.  The coils surround the magnets allowing for the optimal use of all the magnetic flux. This makes the air gap non-critical. As long as the forcer does not come in contact with the shaft there is no variation in the linear force. The magnetic flux cuts motor windings at right angles for max efficiency and all sides of the coil are positioned to allow for maximum dissipation of heat.

The result of these novel and patented designs has produced a linear shaft motor requiring less current and less mass to produce a similar force compared to the competition. Or put another way, this is almost certainly a more efficient product than any other linear motor on the market.

Micromech is the sole UK agent and distributor for Nippon Pulse products and if you wish to find out more about these motors then contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or stirling@micromech.co.uk

Nuclear Fusion

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Special offer – CNC Machine Modufix

Special offer – CNC Machine Modufix

Isel ModufixThe sturdy base is extruded aluminium and the x/y/z frame uses linear motors as well as a integrated control cabinet, monitor, touch screen and a keyboard.

ModuFix®-CNC machines are available as compact units in 4 standard sizes:

ModuFix® 10D
X/Y/Z 600x350x150
ModuFix® 15D
X/Y/Z 1100x350x150
ModuFix® 150D
X/Y/Z 1000x650x150
ModuFix® 200D
X/Y/Z 1500x650x150

These machines have a great cost/performance ratio for the following applications:

  • Drilling and milling
  • Assembling and mounting
  • Imprinting and engraving
  • Metering and Fastening
  • De- burring and polishing
  • ModufixBonding and casting
  • Soldering and welding
  • Measuring and testing
  • Scanning

ModuFix®-CNC machines also have a multitude of other uses for example:

  • Test and test set-ups of any type
  • CNC-Technology (didactics) for training and occupational field
  • Flexible manufacturing technology

List price £9,800

Micromech is pleased to announce that Parker Electromechanical has launched a new design of planetary gearbox the PS and RS series, which are now available in a new 2nd generation design (Gen II)

Micromech is pleased to announce that Parker Electromechanical has launched a new design of planetary gearbox the PS and RS series, which are now available in a new 2nd generation design (Gen II)
The new 2nd generation parts (called Gen II) replace the previous ‘Stealth’ PS and RS series planetary gearheads, the initial release will be in frame sizes 60, 90 and 115, while additional larger frame sizes are in development.Parker Gen iiThe Stealth Gen II helical planetary gearheads incorporate design enhancements to provide superior performance for the most demanding high-performance applications. The Gen II gearboxes have dual angular contact bearings, providing higher radial load capacities while maintaining high input speeds. Design enhancements also include full compliment needle bearings allowing for increased service life and therefore extended warranties. Due to these internal design changes and optimised gearing geometry it means just one fill level for any orientation, resulting in shortened part number designation and simplified ordering.

Universal mounting kits provide a common mounting method which is used across multiple product lines to promote quicker deliveries and easier mounting to any servo motor. Applications that do not require a high level of precision can still be fulfilled using the PE-series gearboxes.

Key Features and Benefits

Increased Radial Load
Four times greater in some frame sizes, this is achieved by the implementation of dual angular contact bearings to support the output carrier and an enhancement of the internal bearing support structure. This entails the gear pilot lengths to be increased by:

  • 3mm for the 60mm frame
  • 4mm for the 90mm frame
  • 3mm for the 115mm frame

Increased Service Life
The new gearbox generation is designed for a lifetime of 20,000 hrs and during this time no lubrication is needed and therefore lifetime increased. This is accomplished by optimising the lubrication paths and gear geometry in the gearbox and implementing a full complement of needle bearings to support the planet gears. This is true except of the right angle gearbox with ‘Input up orientation’.

Universal Mounting kit.
These kits have been designed to be used across the complete Gen II gearbox range and applies to the released PS & RS gearboxes. This enhancement enables simplified ordering which means quicker delivery across the entire gearbox range. The length of the mounting kit may change dependent on the motor being fitted.

The major benefits of these gearboxes then are high torque and low backlash achieved by use of helical planetary gearing. High stiffness made possible by the use of an integral ring gear and rigid sun gear and higher gear wear resistance resulting from a Plasma Nitriding heat treatment.

Micromech is the leading UK distributor for Parker electromechanical products and if you wish to find out more, then contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or alan@micromech.co.uk

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