Special offer – CNC Machine Modufix

Special offer – CNC Machine Modufix

Isel ModufixThe sturdy base is extruded aluminium and the x/y/z frame uses linear motors as well as a integrated control cabinet, monitor, touch screen and a keyboard.

ModuFix®-CNC machines are available as compact units in 4 standard sizes:

ModuFix® 10D
X/Y/Z 600x350x150
ModuFix® 15D
X/Y/Z 1100x350x150
ModuFix® 150D
X/Y/Z 1000x650x150
ModuFix® 200D
X/Y/Z 1500x650x150

These machines have a great cost/performance ratio for the following applications:

  • Drilling and milling
  • Assembling and mounting
  • Imprinting and engraving
  • Metering and Fastening
  • De- burring and polishing
  • ModufixBonding and casting
  • Soldering and welding
  • Measuring and testing
  • Scanning

ModuFix®-CNC machines also have a multitude of other uses for example:

  • Test and test set-ups of any type
  • CNC-Technology (didactics) for training and occupational field
  • Flexible manufacturing technology

List price £9,800


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