Are your bearings causing you problems?

  • Are your bearings causing you problems?

    •  Insecure mounting
    •  Need a minimum footprint
    •  Assembly difficulties
    •  Excessive Wear
    •  Misalignment
    •  You want minimal maintenance

    We have the answer!

    From our colleagues in America we have received this story of problem solving for the Equipois zeroG® arm. This is a patented technology that allows heavy tools, parts and other payloads to be manoeuvred as if weightless, but with total freedom of motion.

    Spyraflo Bearings

    This new technology protects a wide cross-section of workers from the destructive force of gravity thereby reducing workplace injuries and increasing productivity. The zeroG® arm is a true extension of the users own arm, allowing workers to reach wherever their arm needs to go but with a fraction of the effort usually required. This allows workers to use their own fine motor skills so enabling greater precision and quality.

    Key to the smooth operation and freedom of motion is the bearing selection for the multiple articulating sections and when researching their various bearing options for a new family of arms their design engineers identified some key requirements:

    • An economic but quality bearing solution.
    • The bearing’s needed to be a secure mounting into the ‘swivelling’ joint areas of each arm.
    • Keeping manufacturing costs to a minimum and eliminating any precision machining for the bearing mount.
    • Self-aligning to ensure very smooth, free motion immediately following installation.
    • Oil impregnated bronze bearings for a long, maintenance-free life.
    • Easy, trouble-free bearing installation.

    The Spyraflo Stainless Steel 6mm diameter self-clinching, self-aligning SAE-840 bronze bearings (FSSB-250) met all these requirements perfectly. As a result the new zeroG® is helping employees work more safely and effectively at some of the worlds top manufacturers.

    Micromech is the UK and Eire distributor of these amazing bearings, if you would like more information about them, then contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or

    ‘A revolution in Bearings’


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