Fighting with obsolescence but have only limited budgets to keep your existing machines running?

Fighting with obsolescence but have only limited budgets to keep your existing machines running?

Right now, rather than investing huge sums of money on new plant or machines, many companies are looking to upgrade and maintain existing equipment to lengthen their operational lives and improve reliability.

Micromech Systems Ltd can help with your upgrades to old or obsolete servo and stepper motors, linear actuators, gearboxes, control systems, PLC’s and HMI’s. In many cases this work will lead to improved performance as well as extending the operational life of machines.

Below is a recent project, which is typical of the kind of upgrades we undertake:

An electric heater manufacturer had a servo-driven copper tube-cutting machine. The main Servo drive that fed the pipes into the machine was obsolete and giving intermittent problems.

A small Mitsubishi PLC controlled the over-all machine, but neither the programme nor the wiring was documented. Micromech Systems Ltd (MSL) replaced the drive and PLC with a single intelligent servo drive with IEC61131 programming and digital I/O to replace the PLC pneumatic control functions. A new HMI screen was fitted, with the controls laid out in the same way as the original PLC system, making adoption of the new system seamless to the machine operators.

Machine Upgrade

MSL initially visited the customer and ran through the machines operations and functions to produce a specification. The new control system was then designed, built, programmed and tested at Micromech, prior to being installed and commissioned at the customer’s site. An operation manual and electrical drawings were also supplied to help with future maintenance of the machine.

The customer was delighted with the outcome of the work and support of Micromech that has given his equipment an excellent new lease of life. If you would like to find out more then contact Mick Stone on 01376 333333 or

‘Micromech for motion control – the right move’


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