Mechatronic Problem-solving Skills

Mechatronic Problem-solving Skills

Helping you to meet the challenges you face every day

Convenience products and flexible package sizes are in demand more than ever. This in turn results in reduced batch sizes. It is a key challenge of today’s machine builders to design machines that combine flexible and quick format changes with high cycle rates and low life cycle costs. Micromech Systems and Parker has been supporting food processing equipment and packaging machinery manufacturers for  many years in:

• Electric drive and control technology
• Electromechanical linear actuators
• Linear motor technology
• Application software
• Handling and palletising solutions

Thanks to the drive technology, mechanical and application specific know-how, together we are the ideal partners to  help you meet the mechatronic challenges posed by your customers.
Our offer comprises:
• Standard products
• Customised solutions
• Sub-system and system solutions

Reduced design time

• Thanks to proven food grade standard linear actuators, in-house development become redundant

• CAD data for all components

• Component sizing & selection including application engineering

• Customer specific adaptations and Developments

• Servo technology with autotuning and plug & play

• Support for all common programming and communication standards


Improved time-to-market

• Solutions reducing control cabinet and machine footprint and minimising wiring overhead

• Complete mechatronic systems consisting of drive, motor and actuator

• Pre-engineered mechanical and mechatronic sub systems

• Common platform for centralised and decentralised architectures depending on the machine type

Faster changeovers

• High levels of flexibility thanks to purely electronic axis synchronisation and coupling and electronic line shaft

• Fast changeovers thanks to flexible stepper motor technology and cost optimised servo drives

• Actuators for changeover Applications

• Cost-effective replacement of pneumatic actuators with better positioning capabilities

Higher output and plant efficiency

• Higher cycle rates thanks to optimised systems with servo technology and electromechanical actuators from one source

• Powerful and maintenance free linear motor technology

• Simple device swap-out in case of Maintenance

• Flexible service intervals thanks to condition monitoring

• Higher overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and reduced downtimes thanks to single vendor product connection and network communications



‘Micromech Systems and Parker – forces in motion’


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