Turbo PMAC Clipper

Delta Tau, the technology leader in multi-axis programmable motion control solutions, is proud to announce the Turbo PMAC Clipper, a feature-filled, highly cost-effective multi-axis controller. Based on the Turbo PMAC2 CPU, the Turbo PMAC Clipper provides a single board with four axis servomotor or stepper motor control with 32-digital I/O points and choice of Ethernet or RS232 communication ports. It is easily expandable to eight axes with a small daughter board.


By combining multiple functions such as motion control, high-speed communication and I/O management on a low cost single board, the Clipper controller substantially improves performance and reduces overall cost per application.

On a single board, high performance features as:

  • 4 axes of simultaneous control (with as little as 0.1 ms update time), expandable to 8 axes
  • All axes independent or coordinated in any combination
  • Multitasking of up to 16 motion programs and 64 asynchronous PLC programs
  • Easy-to-use, high-level programming language
  • Linear, circular, rapid, B-spline, Hermite-spline interpolation modes
  • True S-curve accel/decel for jerk-limited profiles
  • Dynamic multi-move lookahead for robust acceleration control
  • Coordinate system translation and rotation, 2D and 3D
  • Embedded forward and inverse kinematics routines for Non-Cartesian geometries
  • Tool-radius compensation
  • Hardware position capture and compare circuits for high precision

Micromech is the authorised systems integrator for Delta Tau high level, multi-axis control products, if you wish to find out more about these exciting products then contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or

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This is not just another mounted miniature bearing; this is a Spyraflo pillow block bearing

This is not just another mounted miniature bearing; this is a Spyraflo pillow block bearing

The main feature of these new pillow blocks, now available from Micromech, is that there is no other ball bearing that accommodates a shaft diameter of less than 12mm. Previously an engineer had to fabricate a mount that incorporates a very high precision bearing mounting hole, the Spyraflo solution has removed this problem, all that need to be done is simply screw the housing into place.

Pillow BlockThe PB series are the industry’s first line of mounted miniature ball bearings for small shaft sizes. Designed for efficient and cost-effective application in a variety of instruments and mechanisms used in the medical, pharmaceutical, scientific and other precision-oriented fields, these miniature mounted ball bearings eliminate any need for designing, manufacturing or assembling precision mounts.

Until now there has been a void in the marketplace for precision mounted miniature ball bearings, with existing mounted ball bearings typically available only in shaft diameters no smaller than 12mm. The new Spyraflo mounted; miniature ball bearings will meet the increasing demands by design engineers for an economical and precision bearing mounting method for smaller shaft sizes. This relieves engineers of the responsibility and work of having to design and produce specific mounting configurations for miniature ball bearings.

In the past when considering the use of miniature bearings for an assembly, one of the critical design elements was how, precisely, the bearings could be mounted. Typically, the mount had to be precision machined, particularly when using high-performance miniature bearings. Until now, no mounted bearing option existed when it came to the use of miniature ball bearings, so manufacturing/assembling people were required to produce some form of precision mount. The new Spyraflo bearings eliminate this task effectively and economically.

The new Spyraflo product consists of high-quality stainless steel ABEC 3 precision Japanese ball bearings mounted in a precision-machined, sintered aluminium pillow block housing. Initially, they are being offered as non-aligning types, primarily because they are designed for use in more precise applications. These miniature ball bearings will be offered and metric sizes from 4mm to 10mm (inch sizes available) shaft diameters, as double shielded bearings that are pre-greased for life. The aluminium body and stainless steel, together with the double shield, give the new bearings a level of corrosion resistance that makes them the ideal choice for food and wash down applications as well.

Micromech is the UK and Eire distributor for these clever bearings and if you wish to find out more or perhaps request a sample then contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or

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Food for thought

Food for thought

Following are some success stories from the most diverse applications which partners Micromech Systems and Parker has been supporting for food processing equipment and packaging machinery manufacturers.

Carton folding and glueing machine

Parker Carton Folding and Gluing MachineUsing conventional linear drives made the ‘placing unit’ a bottleneck so the manufacturer of folding carton glueing machines faced the challenge of how to increase much further the output of their machines. In the process of manufacturing complex folding cartons from several basic cartons the placing unit is subject to significant wear which resulted in production being restricted.

Conventional linear drives were insufficient for the simultaneous feed of up to three cuts, as the movement was not dynamic enough. The currently available linear motor kits required a high level of engineering design, which the machine manufacturer found prohibitive. The solution was to furnish a ready to mount linear motor module with two parallel carriages and harmonised drive technology that simplified integration into the machine and subsequently increasing the achievable output considerably.

In addition the controller includes a visualisation in the package therefore the servo drives are optimally suited for linear motor technology making the system a guarantee for success. Special control algorithms for linear motors and jerk-limited acceleration helped optimise the response behaviour, which in turn increases the cycle rate. The expectations regarding machine output were exceeded thanks to the performance of the new system. The new machine is able to produce up to 10,000 cartons per hour. Furthermore as the linear motor has a non-lubricating bearing system, the new solution is also maintenance free.

The customer is delighted with the outcome, higher production, lest maintenance and of course reduced costs.

Micromech is Parkers motion partner and can offer a bespoke solution to meet all of your motion control needs, for more information contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or

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Itouch Winners

Itouch Winners

We are pleased to annouce the 2 winners of the Itouch’s were:

Brian Wilson – Trac Measurement Systems Ltd and Chris Walsh – RTS Life Science

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Thank you for everyone that took part in the questionnaire your feedback very important to us.


New Piezo-stages launched

New Piezo-stages launched

New from Micromech are the RTP series of Precision Piezo stages manufactured by PM bearings, which combine a roller carriage table, a piezo- legs motor and a linear measuring system as a complete solution. The standard stages have aluminium table parts with integrated crossed roller bearings.

PiezoInside the stages there is the novel and miniature piezo-legs motor from PiezoMotor (Sweden) and an optical measuring system from the world leaders in position – measurement, Renishaw. The goal for the new precision piezo stages is to produce high precision miniature stages suitable for all kinds of applications where micro or nano-positioning is needed. The clever design allows assembly of the stages into multi-axis systems.

On request stages can be modified to meet customer specifications. The systems can be supplied as a complete solution that includes the PDM90 driver module with  ‘set up’ and closed-loop positioning software. The range has three base sizes each having three different stroke lengths available up to 100mm with micro or nano-positioning resolution being achievable by choice of the RGH34 encoder module resolution.

 XY and XYZ multi-axis configurations are also available with drivers, software, high accuracy stages; and resolutions from 10μm up to 100nm are optional depending on encoder interpolation module. In addition a 5nm-move integrity is offered requiring special motor drives and control modes (consult Micromech for these applications); UHV Stages and non-magnetic stages can also be quoted on application by giving specific environment details.

Micromech also has the range of Trinamic piezo motor drive products (TMCM-090 and BB-035 base board) which may be used for multiple axis control of these stages.

Micromech also supplies from the standard product range, linear bearings, roller tables, re-circulating bearings and positioning stages as well as custom-built versions for complete positioning systems.

Micromech is the UK distributor and integrator for these amazing products and if you would like more information about them then contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or

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