Stepper Motor unit with integrated exact positioning encoder

Stepper Motor unit with integrated exact positioning encoder

New from Micromech, the PANdrive PD-140-42-SE is the latest product from TRINAMIC Motion Control a mechatronic unit that contains a powerful motion control element in combination with a 42mm stepper motor (NEMA 17).

PANdrive PD-14-42-SEIn addition this series of motor and drive has the proprietary encoder function sensOstep TM which allows for exact positioning in the micro-step mode as well as stall detection. The hall-effect-sensor allows a resolution of 4096 impulses per turn without significant additional cost, thus opening the opportunity for additional application fields.

Programming and motion control are provided by the TMCL (TRINAMIC Motion Control Language) which is very easy to programme movements with commands for position and rotation with this protocol. Comprehensive programmes can be stored in the on-board EPROM for stand-alone-operation. The PC-based software development environment TMCL-IDE contains an optional integrated debugging programme CANopen firmware.

There is a USB port or as an option RS232, RS458, or CAN are the available serial interfaces. Small JST connectors for connecting the interfaces, voltage supply and other I/O modules are a readily configured part of the whole package.

The stepper motor is controlled as by TRINAMIC’s own powerful motion control IC’s and so the motion profiles are calculated in real time in the hardware. Parameters such as position, velocity and acceleration can be adjusted during operation.

These controls are provided throughout most of TRINAMIC’s motion control elements all part of the philosophy to provide an economic and compact design to aid the engineering processes. As the motion control is carried out in the hardware and not the CPU, there is of course a considerable saving in capacity resulting in the software being kept simple and saving on engineering and service costs.

Micromech is the UK and Eire distributor for these amazing products and if you would like to find out more click here or contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or email

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