Special offer – CNC Controller

Special offer – CNC Controller

IMC-M / IMC-MPIsel have introduced two great controllers at great prices:
First a Stepper controller IMC-M / IMC-MP

This controls 4 Amps 36 V / 3.6 A (IMC-M) and respectively 2 to 4 amplifiers 48 V / 4, 2A (IMC-MP)

This provides up to 1600 Micro Steps / U (IMC-M) and respectively 25600 Micro Steps / U (IMC-MP)

As an alternative there is available a core module or clock / direction module

List price £498.00

IMC-V / IMC-VPNext we have the Servo controller IMC-V / IMC-VP

This controls 2 to 6 Amplifiers for DC Servo Motors (IMC-V) and respectively AC servo motors (IMC-VP)

I comes with a 10.2 "TFT touch screen, keyboard, control panel and emergency stop.

The integrated industrial control computer is based on Windows ® NC control via CANopen fieldbus 

Price to follow


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