Meet the team – Jon Harding

Meet the team – Jon Harding

Meet the Team - JonHello to you all, my name is Jonathan Harding; most people call me Jon.
I thought I had better get around to doing the ‘meet the team’ news as I have actually been with Micromech for 2 years!

Well, where shall I start?

As I have said, I’ve been with Micromech for 2 years now as sales manager, looking after all the sales activity for the business.  My primary roles are to seek out new customers, look after our current customers and of course, grow the overall business. So hopefully some of you reading this I will have already met and my apologies to those that I have yet to meet. I trust I will be able to eventually make contact with everyone.

Unlike most of the staff at Micromech, I work in the field or from home, which is quite a distance away from the office in Braintree, Essex. So I hear you ask, where is this place he lives, well its just outside the market town of Stafford, close to the home of the deceased Lord Lichfield. If you’re not too sure where that is geographically, it’s midway between Manchester and Birmingham. This I hope should give you an idea where in the country I am located, without you having to reach for the road Atlas! I have to confess I’m not a local lad as I was born in Wales into a large Welsh farming family….. this could take another page so lets move on.

So why am I at Micromech, quite simple? I’ve been in the Industry now for, Oh, 18 years and worked initially with competitors of Micromech and so I knew many of the guys before I joined. My first 10 years were with motion control distributor/manufacturer Stebon, which has sadly gone (as is the fate of many of the motion control distributors). I had many roles there, starting on the shop floor building, testing motors and drives (real hands on stuff) then to a clean hands role in the design office, Yep design! Then onto applications (dangerous stuff here) and next a move into sales which is all down hill once you pass onto the ‘dark side’.

Meet the Team - JonI then went to Unimatic Engineers for 12 months as technical sales man for the midlands and Ireland, then was promoted to sales manager. After a further 3 years I then joined Siemens Automation and Drives as Northern Business Development Manager for motion control, I had great fun there. Then onto Parker Automation as a Senior Sales and Business Development for motion control and drives, which also happens to be a franchise of Micromech. The next step was an obvious progression and after chatting with the guys at Micromech I joined them and quickly settled into my new position.

My background is in agricultural engineering with real hands on stuff experience and even now I have kept my hand in by developing robotic milking machines with our customers. This rural background has kept me in good stead, as I am still able to draw on my mechanical experience for my work and I can also help my neighbours too!

So, what are my interests that makes me tick outside of work?

I have been with my partner now Sarah for 18 years, she is patient (if you have met Jon this is an under-statement, ed). We have together over the years, both grown and developed in our careers; she recently graduated with a degree in the Arts and Governance.

For much of our spare time we have been renovating buildings (houses etc) to climb the property the ladder. When I say renovation, I mean real hard core bank-balance wrecking stuff and with a huge proportion of the work done just by us.  We are at last now where we want to be and to complete things have a collection of animals; 2 Flat coat retrievers, one Gypsy Cob horse (Sarah’s) and one Fell pony (mine).

What do we do now instead of building work? Well we ride quite a bit, participate in some riding shows, but our real passion and thing is carriage driving. This ranges from ‘pleasure driving’ to ‘marathon driving’ (a bit like rallying with cars but with a horse and carriage).

Meet the Team - Jon

Then there are my other little projects, my tractor and a MG BGT, which are both waiting for me to renovate. But to keep me busy there is still what I call the ‘painting of the Fourth Bridge’, maintaining our place, once you finished this months list of odd job to-do’s there is yet another being created by the elements.

I’m not complaining however as I really do enjoy the outdoor life (when it’s not raining) and think I am very lucky, particularly when I can spend time outside in such a great place.

So, that’s a bit about me… hope to meet you soon!

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