Food for thought – Tray Sealing Machine

Food for thought – Tray Sealing Machine

More success stories from the most diverse applications which partners Micromech Systems and Parker has been supporting for food processing equipment and packaging machinery manufacturers.

Tray sealing machineParker Food Processing

Packaging fresh food such as meat products in trays is common and becoming ever more popular in the course of the general convenience food trends. This has forced machine manufacturers to continuously increase the output of their machines in order to meet rising demands. At the same time they have to face the demand for quick product changeover times due to this rapidly increased variety of products. The limiting factor in conventional machines is invariably the pneumatic execution of linear tool and gripper movements. The public demand for convenience goods has fuelled higher output and machine flexibility

In collaboration with the manufacturer a new machine was developed featuring servomotor driven tools with food grade quality leadscrew electro-thrust cylinders. These allow for high cycle rates and combine high thrust forces with a long lifetime resulting in reduced service costs. Thanks to the advanced positioning features the tools can be used more flexibly. In addition to the complete package including servo drive and controller, the solution can also be easily integrated into other control architectures that may be specified by the machine’s end user. By using standard components, the manufacturer was also able to reduce the mechanical construction overhead. This was due to the CAD data and dimensioning calculations being made available and was a major key also key to this process.

The result of these improvements meant the machine manufacturer’s end customers benefit from a 100% increase in machine output and quick format changes reducing typical changeover times by an amazing 10 minutes. An end customer performing two format changes per day profits from an impressive 100 additional annual production hours, representing a significant increase in his overall equipment effectiveness.

The manufacturer has gained new business and delighted his existing customer with the outcome of higher production, less maintenance and of course reduced costs.

Micromech is Parker’s motion partner and can offer a bespoke solution to meet all of your motion control needs, for more information contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or

‘Micromech Systems and Parker are forces in motion’


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