Are your bearings causing you problems?

  • Need a minimum footprint
  • Assembly difficulties
  • Excessive Wear
  • Misalignment
  • You want minimal maintenance

We have the answer!

The Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected (MRAP) vehicle is playing a significant role throughout the military, especially in the Iraqi and Afghanistan war zones. More than 3,000 MRAP’s are already in use proving their value with their ability to mitigate blast effects through the uniquely designed V-shaped hull and raised chassis.

Spyraflo has been playing its part in military preparedness with its experience for over forty years introducing a succession of problem solving bearing solutions across a wide range of machines and equipment. For the MRAP programme, four 19mm diameter bronze self-aligning, bearings in 2 bolthole aluminium housing-flanges are installed in an electric locking mechanism located on each vehicle. The Spyraflo SAE-840 Bronze Housing-Flanges combine important load-carrying, long life and maintenance-free capabilities with other key attributes such as lightweight, low profile and corrosion resistance.

The HF3-750-B Housing-Flange bearings were selected over other competitive bearing offerings due to the deciding factors that included the unique Spyraflo design criteria. The crucial design requirements were clean-lines, dimensional integrity, light weight and a narrow profile. Another major factor was the ability to supply an assembly, which maintained the quality and quantity of lubricating oil, a critical factor in ensuring a maintenance-free operational life.

These important benefits made the Spyraflo self-Aligning, aluminium housing-flange and pillow block bearings a very effective replacement for more expensive, bulky, maintenance requiring ball bearing assemblies.

Micromech is the UK and Eire distributor for these clever bearings and if you wish to find out more or perhaps request a sample then contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or

‘A revolution in Bearings’

Clay pigeon launcher sales could go ballistic

For his A-Level project work Joe Hubbard had invented, designed then patented a remote controlled clay pigeon launching system. He required advice and assistance in selecting the mechanical actuators and various motion control parts. Joe’s invention was also a solid platform for a future business enterprise for clay shooting enthusiasts in which he also has a participating interest.

Clay PigeonTo get things going Micromech did not ask for a contract allowing this particular arrangement to be on a handshake. It was purely a loan of special parts and commitment of time for assistance in design and development.

His design required suitable linear motion and rotary drive systems to suit elevation and angular movement of the clay pigeon launcher unit. Intended to be a field-powered device it was necessary for these drives to be compatible with a 12 V DC battery power system.

Micromech also provided ideas for expansion of the remote control platform for future enhancements such as precise rotary and angular positioning using intelligent remote networking. These exciting ideas may well be taken up as the business develops.

Micromech also agreed to support Joe by giving some time for meetings and providing technical data for selection of parts suitable for his design. In addition Micromech specified a linear actuator unit for the elevation axis and advised him regarding the best method of utilising the rotary axis.

For Joe the merits of solution provided was first of course the assistance given for design concept offering the low-cost advantages of a Danaher linear actuator unit with integration instructions. Second was the loaned equipment made available for rapid delivery so the project could progress efficiently in line with his A-level coarse-work programme. Thirdly that the solution could be developed and enhanced further as the product range matures through business development and customer input is received.

Micromech is delighted to have been able to help Joe and he is very pleased with both his A level project and the business potential of his product. We wish him much success now and for the future.

The TMCM-078 stepper motor drive module expands performance with coil currents up to 7amp and up to 75volts

This compact and rugged unit from Micromech for bipolar two-phase stepper motors can operate with motor coil currents of 0.7amps up to 7amps RMS (9.8amp peak) and voltages of 15 to a maximum 75volts. Parameterisation requires no PC as all settings can be done easily with DIP switches. In addition, depending on the application, a high accuracy or high RPM of up to 256 micro steps is possible.

TMCM-078The StallGuardTM patented sensorless load measurement detects mechanical blocking and therefore can substitute reference switches plus the required wiring. The inputs for the step, direction and enable signals are optically isolated. To prevent the motor heating up unnecessarily and also to avoid the waste of energy the motor current is automatically reduced to an adjustable level during standstills (standby). All of the inputs and outputs can be connected using screw-pluggable connectors or JST crimp connectors. The compact module is supplied in rugged aluminium housing measuring just 145 x 96 x 33mm and manufactured to be compliant with RoHS regulations. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the module can be integrated into almost every application space.

If required the TMCM-078 allows the application of two-phase stepper motors in high torque and high velocity drives without having to undertake expensive construction measures such as separate cooling.

OMNUC W servo motors and Drives

OMNUC W servo motors and Drives

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