Are your bearings causing you problems?

  • Insecure mounting
  • Need a minimum footprint
  • Assembly difficulties
  • Excessive Wear
  • Misalignment
  • You want minimal maintenance

We have the answer!

A leading manufacturer of home and commercial, either manual or computer-controlled quilting machines wanted to expand their various configurations to deal with the burgeoning home business market and industrious homemaker. They determined a larger capacity machine was required to augment the most successful due to customer feedback reinforcing the need for a 6.5cm throat. This resulted in them designing and developing a new machine that presented several design challenges.

SpyrafloThe first challenge was to deal with an intermittent significant radial load applied as the needle pierces the quilt material up to 2,200 times a minute. The motor drive being located at the rear of the machine while transferring motion to the oscillating needle and foot mechanism at the front of the machine more than 6.5cm away.

They required a minimum bearing life of 5,000,000 stitches, it had to be maintenance free for the life of the machine and yet still retain the sleek lines of their current successful machine.

They turned to Spyraflo who recommended the extensive self-aligning custom bearing design experience to provide a self-aligning SAE-840 Bronze bearing solution to meet its extreme performance requirements. Extending the outer parallel diameter and adding a second locating flange modified the self-aligning, press-fit bearing design.

The resulting design allowed 10mm and 12mm diameter bearings to be dropped into the body of the quilting machine positioned in a semi-circular nest. The bearings were located axially by the two flanges and clamped in place by a mating semi-circular strap. The self-aligning capability facilitated easy machine assembly and resulted in smooth shaft start up with minimum friction.

Sales of the new machine have exceeded the company’s expectations and given engineers ideas for further developments and upgrades across the range of their existing machines. Micromech is the UK and Eire distributor for these clever bearings and if you wish to find out more or perhaps request a sample then contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or

‘A revolution in Bearings’

Launch of our new Yaskawa website

Micromech is pleased to announce the launch of a new web site for the quality and high performance Yaskawa motion products



Micromech-Yaskawa is a website dedicated to the world-leading servo drive technology and linear products of Yaskawa available from Micromech their UK distributor

Micromech has a long established relationship with Yaskawa but now as their major motion partner it was decided we should take the partnership to a new level hence this dedicated website

Yaskawa Electric is well known for its outstanding quality standards and serves and supports clients and customers all over the world as a competent and qualified partner to MIcromech. Their inverters, servo and spindle drives, machine controllers convince users to invest because of their high reliability and exceptionally low failure rates

This broad product range of servo systems includes brushless AC servomotors, digital amplifiers, linear motors, and direct drive motors. These ‘best-in-class’ servo systems can be matched with single-axis or multi-axis motion controllers for a system solution with the best quality and reliability in the business

For more information about these products that are rated internationally as world class for quality, performance and reliability, contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or email

The single axis TMCM-1180 features the unique coolStep™ technology

The TMCM-1180 is an intelligent stepper motor, single axis controller/driver module using the new outstanding coolStep™ technology for sensorless load dependent current control. This allows for the first time an energy efficient operation of an open-loop stepper motor system. With the advanced stallGuard2™ feature the load of the motor can be detected with high resolution.

TCMC-1180The module is designed to be mounted directly on an 86mm flange (NEMA34) QMot stepper motor. It converts the motor into a compact mechatronic device with bus oriented or stand-alone control. The motor, switches, power and the multi purpose I/Os can be connected with small pluggable connectors.

The TMCM-1180 comes with the PC based software development environment TMCL-IDE for the Trinamic Motion Control Language (TMCL™). Using predefined TMCL™ high level commands like ‘move to position’ or ‘constant rotation’ a rapid and fast development of motion control applications is guaranteed.

The TMCM-1180 can be controlled using a serial interface and communication traffic is kept very low since all time critical operations, e.g. ramp calculation are performed onboard. The TMCL™ programme can be stored in the on board EEPROM for stand-alone operation and the firmware of the module updated via the serial interface. (As an option there is CANopen firmware available)

The drive runs up to 5.5A coil current RMS with 24 to 48V DC (nominal) supply voltage able to support two-phase bipolar stepper motors. The interfaces available are USB, CAN, RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface and step/direction/enable inputs (with optical coupling)

Other features include up to 256 times microstepping (51200 steps/rev), with a 1,8° stepping motor and a memory for 2048 TMCL™ commands. In addition there is automatic ramp generation in hardware and on the fly alteration of motion parameters (e.g. position, velocity, acceleration) 

Still further features include the stallGuard2™ sensorless high resolution motor load detection, spreadCycle™ chopper for improved smoothness and high speed operation, microPlyer™ internal microstep multiplier  (16 to 256 µSteps) for lower frequency on step input and integrated absolute sensOstep™ encoder chip (max. 256 count per rev)

Micromech is the UK and Eire distributor for these amazing products and if you would like more information click here or contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or email

Food for thought – Piston filling machine for liquid and pasty products

More success stories from the most diverse applications which partners Micromech Systems and Parker has been supporting for food processing equipment and packaging machinery manufacturers.
Piston filling machine for pasty products

Parker PistonA precision dosing posed a problem for a machine manufacturer offering systems for liquid and pasty products. They wanted to improve the dosing precision of their piston filling pumps and to ensure the gentle handling of the products to be dosed.
The inaccuracies of their existing system were due to the poor positioning properties of their conventional pneumatic solution.

The answer was to use a Parker Electro thrust cylinder and decentralised servo drive to enhance precision. The existing pneumatic solution was replaced by an IP 65 electro thrust cylinder driving the pump piston and in combination with a Parker servo drive controller it allowed for extremely delicate and precisely repeatable dosing.

The servo drives arrangement provides complete control of the dosing pump. Via a defined interface and a corresponding fieldbus option card the process was easily integrated into the end customer’s existing control and fieldbus architecture. Alternatively it can be operated independently without an external controller in cost sensitive applications. In addition to considerable construction time savings thanks to a standardised mechanical solution, the mounting time was reduced by several hours due to pre-mounted and customised components.

The flexibility as a result of these improvements and reduced mounting times of this advance machine means the manufacturer has successfully introduce the new model onto the market and as a result their customers are delighted with the outcome, quality production, less waste, less maintenance and of course reduced costs.

Micromech is Parker’s motion partner and can offer a bespoke solution to meet all of your motion control needs, for more information contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or


‘Micromech Systems and Parker are forces in motion’