New from Micromech is the NANO Z ™ novel air bearing lift stage

Just launched with a patent pending is the Alio NANO Z™ a novel air bearing lift stage with TRUE NANO POSITIONING™ and to help engineers and scientist further, it has been designed with a large open centre.

It uses linear servomotors and variable counterbalance to exceed precision application needs such as wafer inspection, where heavy ceramic wafer plates need electrical and vacuum lines fed though the positioning stage.

Nano ZOther applications such as TRUE NANO™ metrology, optical inspection and laser machining are performed at accuracy levels less than 100nm without the concern of ballscrew thermal growth, wedge lifts tip and tilt, non-repeatability and inaccuracies of other legacy designs.

The NANO Z™ clever design almost eliminates pitch, yaw and roll over the 24mm travel range with better than 90nm of repeatability in the standard unit. Optional extreme precision Nano Z™ will deliver an amazing 10nm of repeatability with better than 50nm of accuracy.

The NANO Z™ footprint is optimised for compact size due to the novel air-bearing and linear motor design thus it can easily sit on top or inverted on an XY motion system. For metrology or other processes this means no increase in the motion system’s overall vertical footprint or the need for special mounting compared to other designs where the Z axis lifts with motors and screw that need four times the vertical distance.

When an application needs TRUE NANO POSITIONING™ contact Micromech to be assured proposals are not based on resolution but of TRUE NANO™ repeatability and accuracy, measured in six degree of freedom with US National institute of standards and technology traceable metrology data.

If you would like more details about these exciting precision stages then contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or email on


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