Are your bearings causing you problems?

  • Insecure mounting
  • Need a minimum footprint
  • Assembly difficulties
  • Excessive Wear
  • Misalignment
  • You want minimal maintenance

We have the answer!


A Robotic Dispensing System is the fastest, most productive and accurate retail robotic dispensing system in the World. The system automates dispensing pharmaceutical transactions with 100% accuracy at the rate of over one hundred and fifty transactions per hour. This is the benchmark the system has set in the industry.

The challenge facing designers was to develop a unit which was operationally fast, compact but with high capacity, was very quiet to suit its environment, of course reliable and could show a proven gain in productivity. These demanding criteria made them look closely at bearing selection; the Self-Aligning feature on the 6mm and 12mm Spyraflo Delrin flange mount bearings technically and economically contributed to their needs perfectly.


This amazing RDS can handle up to 65% of a pharmacy’s total prescription volume with a process that selects and labels a vial, then counts, caps and sorts prescriptions from a patients last name.

In addition to the wide range of standard flange mount designs available Spyraflo have produced many special flange design solutions for a wide cross-section of industries and applications. The designs incorporating various flange materials, flange profiles, mounting variables and positioning features. In addition the Spyraflo engineers incorporate the unique self clinching, self aligning bearing features into meeting many special designs.

Micromech is the UK and Eire distributor of these amazing bearings, if you would like more information about them, then contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or

‘A revolution in Bearings’

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