Micromech becomes a Kollmorgen Silver Partner

Micromech becomes a Kollmorgen Silver Partner
On 23-11-2010 in Ratingen, Germany, Kollmorgen Europe GmbH appointed Micromech as a  “Silver Partner”. A contract agreement provides for extensive technical and commercial cooperation for both companies. The agreement targets issues such as regular training sessions on products and applications for the employees of Micromech. This provides customers of a Kollmorgen Silver Partner with the assurance that they will receive solutions that are perfectly tailored to meet their specific requirements.

With its new Silver Partner programme, Kollmorgen Europe plans to provide core competencies of their partners in the areas of sales, development, implementation, systems integration and support of its solutions. Extensive knowledge of the product range of motor, drive and software solutions, and comprehensive range of options, as well as an in-depth understanding of the underlying technology guarantees equipment that meets the highest of demands. This in turn allows manufacturers engineers and operators to realise design advantages compared to their competitors.

Dietmar Kammer of Kollmorgen: “Our new sales partner programme with its in-depth classification system is intended to create ‘best practice’ for sales partners such as Micromech, with whom we already have a long-standing successful relationship. This close cooperation is further enhanced through the programme – with a positive outcome for all participants.”

Kollmorgen is a leading provider of motion systems and components for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the globe. With over sixty years of motion control design and development expertise, Kollmorgen delivers breakthrough solutions unmatched in performance, reliability and ease-of-use. Through world-class knowledge in motion, industry-leading quality, and deep expertise in linking and integrating standard and custom products, Kollmorgen provides OEMs with the competitive advantage they need to succeed.

Micromech, established in 1982 are the UK leading experts in positioning and speed control supplying a wide range of motion control products plus associated equipment to industry, research, defence and manufacturing. These products, which include the re-branded PacSci (Pacific Scientific), Slo-Syn® (Superior Electric) and Thomson ranges, can be supplied as components, or complete packages or put together as sophisticated multi-axis systems.

For more information about these exciting products contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or alan@micromech.co.uk

‘Micromech your Kollmorgen Silver Motion Partner’


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