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More success stories from the most diverse applications which partners Micromech Systems and Parker has been supporting for food processing equipment and packaging machinery manufacturers.Palletising robots

Turnkey palletising robots as a complete system

In today’s fast moving world there is a rising demand for complete packaging lines and manufacturers are turning to turnkey automation systems, in particular palletising robots. These are not only of interest to end users in say the pharmaceuticals and food processing industries, but also for machine manufacturers wishing to complement their product portfolio.  This is in order to offer turnkey packaging lines where the end customer doesn’t want to spend time and cost intensive integration or customisation changes, which is a common demand packaging machine manufacturers often have to face.

The Parker’s excellent linear actuator guiding systems are lubricant free and feature optimal hygienic properties thanks to their lifetime lubricated bearings. They are even available for instance able to provide turnkey palletising system to manufacturers of pharmaceutical packaging machines. These systems features a multi function gripper with rotary module which bundles the secondary packages coming out of the case packer into a buffer area to form a stack following a defined pattern. At the same time the multi-function gripper ensures the feeding of new folding cartons into the case packer.

For one particular factory the building had a clearance height of only 4.5m therefore a special telescopic linear actuator provided the ideal solution. The result was a compact packaging line with a minimal footprint. The result of this robust and flexible machine meant the manufacturer was able to deliver a packaging line within the shortest possible time to market to its customer.   

The outcome is a highly satisfied customer so pleased with the system they have already ordered additional lines. The successful introduction of the palletiser means higher production, less maintenance and of course reduced costs.

Micromech is Parker’s motion partner and can offer a bespoke solution to meet all of your motion control needs, for more information contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or

‘Micromech Systems and Parker are forces in motion’


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