Meet the Team – Karen Hicks


A lot has changed since I first did my ‘meet the team’ in 2002 at the tender young age of 22, I started working at Micromech when I was 17 in 1996. Today I’m still working in the marketing department mainly taking care of our many excellent websites.

In February 2004 I married Adrian in Grenada with just a few family members and friends. Then in October 2005 I gave birth to my beautiful son Thomas who appeared a staggering 5 weeks early the very day after my maternity leave started. This put pay to getting the nursery ready and everything else organised, such as we didn’t have a kitchen as we were in the middle of one of our many house renovations. But of course all these things are what make our life interesting – I guess!

Karen HicksAfter having Thomas I took the decision to go part time and work from home, which I am very lucky to be able to do. I didn’t want to miss out of any of Thomas’s growing up years but at the same time (as is the case for many family’s) needed to continue working.

We then decided to move from Writtle in Chelmsford, to Jaspers Green which is a lovely little village outside of Braintree, it was much closer to both of our work places, and all of my family. We then started our biggest renovation yet, and again I become pregnant midway through our project, but as the bungalow was completely gutted we moved into a rented house. I then gave birth to my second beautiful son Harry. I decided when Harry came along that I would have to leave Micromech to devote all of my time to the boys before they started school.

Thomas is now five and just started school while Harry is two and going to start nursery next year when he turns three.  In October 2009 I started working on the marketing and websites again for Micromech, part time and from home.  I’ve really enjoyed getting back into it again and now the Thomas is at school and Harry soon to start nursery I felt it was the right time to start working again.

In my spare time I enjoy taking the boys out to different places, twice a week I go Jazzercise, and I enjoy socialising with my
friends and family. I now have 2 lovely sister-in-law’s and a gorgeous nephew Ethan who 1 years old.

I have been on lots on holiday to lots of amazing places, Dominican Republic, Grenada, America and Australia as well as the closer destinations Cyprus, Turkey, Spain, Portugal just to mention a few. I can’t wait to take my boys exploring in the big wide world, Thomas came with us to Australia, Cyprus and Spain, but Harry has only been to Spain. I think until he gets a little older we will stick to holidays in the UK, so maybe next year I will venture on a plane with the two of them.

Well that’s all from me although I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me soon as one of our many interesting and informative ‘emailshots’ pop up on your computer.

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