Nano-positioning stages encoder upgrade

The Nippon Pulse SCR nano-positioning stages from Micromech are available with an upgraded encoder, the Renishaw Tonic Encoder. All stages will be supplied standard with the upgraded Tonic Encoder which includes limit switches as a part of the new read head and makes ‘end limits’ standard at no additional cost.

SCRThe previous standard encoder was the Renishaw RGH24, which used optional and separate read switch end-of-travel limits. The improvements of the new encoders optimise performance and eliminate the need for extra wiring with the optional limit switches.

Other benefits of using this new encoder on the SCR stages include improving interpolation feedback by four times, achieving 5nm resolution without the use of a large RGB interpolator, and increased resolution and speed options.

The hardware changes improves interpolation feedback by over four times, provides many more resolution and speed options and can achieve 5nm resolution without the use of a large RGB interpolator. The Tonic employs an interpolator into the connector as well as limit switches as a part of the head and magnets are added internally to the stage, to sense the limit. Compared to the RGH24 the wiring interface is different and there are changes in limit switch wiring.

Micromech is the UK sole agent for Nippon Pulse motion products and if you want to know more these exciting components then contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or


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