Space tight, turn right – the Stealth RS gearbox is just right

The Stealth Advanced RS right angle planetary gearhead  delivers the high performance features of the STEALTH RS in a compact, right  angle package. With seven frame sizes and 9 gear  ratios to choose from, customers are guaranteed  to find a gearhead to fit most stepper and servo motor applications.

The RS  designs have a great space-saving advantage over other brands of precision  right-angled gear reducers in that the dimension between gearbox mounting face  and the rear of the body shell is very short per gearhead size. For example the  RS60 unit has a dimension of only 76.8mm which is only 23% greater than it is  square flange footprint. This allows the drive motor to be tucked down out of  the way very neatly so there is reduced risk of it being hit by passing  operators or moving machines.

The superior design and  construction deliver the helical advantage because they are strong; with 30%  more torque and quiet with less than 70db  noise. The RS is fast, accepting 6,000 RPM input speeds, accurate at less  than 4arc minutes backlash and furthermore is over 94% efficient.

Neat and compact, the seven frame sizes range from 60 through  to 300, the nine ratios from 5:1 up to 100:1 and nominal output torques range from 5 to 100Nm. The price includes the adapter flange and the input coupling  selected to suit the specified motor type. The RS has an excellent service life of 20,000hours, can  operate at temperatures from -20 to 90° C and  has a positive degree of protection rated at IP65.

The  application opportunities for the Stealth range is enormous but of course its  stepper and servo motion where high dynamic and precision control is required  they excel.

For  more information or a quotation contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or



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