Micromech to distribute Thomson linear motion components for medical engineering

Modern medical  engineering incorporates a wide range of devices for various areas of the  logistical challenges of mobilising patients, and highly complex systems for  diagnosis and treatment purposes, as well as to automate laboratory processes.  We are therefore pleased to announce that Thomson linear motion components are  now available from Micromech offering clear advantages in all medical  engineering areas.

Depending on their intended purpose, linear components used in  a variety of medical engineering must feature an extensive range of different  and sometimes competitive performance characteristics. For Instance, which  linear motion components are used in a dentist’s chair, for example? In order  to support the weight of a patient plus a safety reserve, the components used  must first and foremost be extremely robust. In addition, all movements must be  performed as smoothly and quietly as  possible to ensure patients are not subject to any unnecessary stress. Compact  dimensions are another key factor, since the chair, with all its added special  accessories, must not take up too much space.

For diagnosis systems, for example a combination of movable  patient table and the scanning heads of a MRI tomograph, another important  criterion must be taken into consideration and that is the need for precision.  These highly technical imaging procedures can only deliver accurate results if  the patient is moved precisely into the desired position and the scanning heads  are aligned with equal precision.

Precision is of utmost importance in automated laboratory  systems such as pumps that take blood samples or inject dosed quantities of  active ingredients to the milligram by means of infusion. It is also the case  that it is often only those miniaturised components, which meet stringent  sterility and corrosion resistance criteria  that can be installed in these types of device. Linear motion components used  in handling systems for laboratory techniques – where DNA tests are performed,  and cell cultures are incubated or drugs are manufactured – must be equally  precise and efficient. Their tasks must also be performed without the need for  frequent interruption for maintenance.

The areas where Thomson motion products can be used in the  medical field are extensive:
robotic workstations; DNA  sampling; cell culture; air displacement; pipetting; drug testing; drug  dispensing; precision liquid dispensing; blood sampling; infusion pumps; adhesive automation;  liquid handling; ambulance gurneys and cots; stair lifts; bed lifts; patient  couches and tables; bath lifts; surgical tables; dental chairs; MRI and CT  machine; nuclear machine; portable thermal imaging;  O-arm image diagnostic; radiation oncology; portable ventilator; dental  injectors; portable respirators; surgical robotics; pick and place; and blood  handling/sampling – to name but a few.

Contact Micromech to receive a copy of Thomson’s Medical Motion Optimised brochure, which shows  examples of how designers and developers of medical-technical devices are  implementing Thomson products. Their precise installation is also depicted in a  range of cross-sectional views. Micromech is the UK distributor and systems  integrator for Thomson motion products or for more information call Stirling on  01376 333333 or stirling@micromech.co.uk

‘Affordable Automation’

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