Extended servomotor lead times are not a problem for Kollmorgen

Deliveries of the AKM Synchronous servomotors from Kollmorgen are now down to only four weeks lead time due to capacity being increased by one third. In spite of considerable growth of the AKM range, the factory has reduced its lead times and thus is able to help its customers to realise additional competitive benefits. Machine builders can now deliver faster, and machine users will benefit from shorter service times.

LeadtimesMany motor users will already be aware of delivery problems from their current supplier who right now will be experiencing very long lead times. In fact some motion control manufacturers have warned their customers of these delays and feedback from many is telling us that motor lead times are rising to 20 to 24 weeks. Kollmorgen’s extra production capacity at their AKM motor manufacturing factory has resulted in considerable growth, but even with this higher production demand the added manufacturing capacity has still enabled them to reduce motor delivery time to 4 weeks.

As machine makers, if you are experiencing severe problems producing machines ordered from your company, then Micromech can help keep production going and avoid any penalty costs. To assist in the motor and drive conversion process we have a checklist of questions to make it easier for customers wanting to change to Kollmorgen products. At Micromech we offer a complete service, from design and build, to test, programming, installation and commissioning which means we can fully integrate an alternative motor and if it is required also the drive. This means changeover to AKM is made easy.

Not only are AKM motors suitable for the development of compact, light machines with improved heat dissipation, energy consumption, durability; they are also a sensible alternative to many motors used in already existing applications. Thanks to their extraordinary multiplicity of design options and special design characteristics, a suitable solution can be found quickly and cost-effectively for almost all circumstances and providing positive results for the existing machines.

Udo Aull, President of Kollmorgen EU: “It is our objective to minimize the lead times for our AKM motor series continuously so that machine builders can not only achieve competitive advantages by optimally-tailored, highly-efficient solutions, but also by reducing their time to market. OEMs that have obsolete or defective motors from other motor manufacturers can quickly replace them with AKM servo motors thanks to our highly flexible design, quick prototype availability, fast delivery.”

Micromech is a leading UK motion expert in positioning and speed control supplying a wide range of motion control products plus associated equipment to industry, research, defence and manufacturing. Micromech can supply goods either as components or complete packages and so is a significant force in the field of sophisticated multi-axis control and is a recognised specialist in servo and stepping motor applications.

For more information about these exciting products contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or alan@micromech.co.uk

‘Micromech your Kollmorgen Silver Motion Partner’


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