YASKAWA and MOTOMAN have merged under the name ‘YASKAWA Europe’

Yaskawa Motoman


The merger of the two YASKAWA subsidiaries, specialists for the production of servo and inverter drives and robots respectively, is in line with the company’s new marketing strategy for the world of automation. The step allows a more integrated customer service, generating further synergies and uniting the offering under one single brand name. In future, the new business units ‘Robotics’ and ‘Drives and Motion’ will operate under the roof of YASKAWA Europe, offering customers of both segments integrated solutions. Only very few competitors in the global market will be able to match the scope of YASKAWA’s one-stop product portfolio of electric drives and industrial robots.

Being closer to the customer
Through this merger, YASKAWA in Europe now employs a staff of 900 offering a very broad portfolio and comprehensive local services via subsidiaries in fourteen countries. As a Japanese engineering company YASKAWA realised early on, it is important to be close to European customers. To streamline transport logistics YASKAWA has set up European production sites for servos, inverters, and system solutions with industrial robots. Local development departments and the European Technical Centre (EUTC) support the effort by offering a strong global network to customise solutions for the needs of the European market. In Japan, the Drive and Motion technology, and MOTOMAN robots have always operated under a joint company roof of YASKAWA. After the merger of the business units in Europe (and simultaneously in the USA) the YASKAWA organisation is now consistent all over the world.

Global No. 1
Every year, YASKAWA manufactures 1.6 million inverters, 800,000 servos and 22,000 industrial robots. This makes the company the global No.1 supplier of inverters, servos and industrial robots, offering a broad range of ‘know-how’. Clearly the YASKAWA servo drives are used in the company’s branded industrial robots ‘MOTOMAN’. The in-house robots used in manufacture enhance the performance of YASKAWA inverters which are renowned worldwide for their reliability.

Global innovation leadership
YASKAWA has been known for decades as implementer of visionary ideas that become state-of-the-art technology in later years. The word ‘mechatronics’ for example, was first used by YASKAWA to describe the core technology of product development. Today it is the standard approach to all modern automation.

The list of innovations made by YASKAWA also includes the 3-level inverter, the matrix converter, the dual-arm robot, and the 7-axes robot. A recent addition to the list is the service robot ‘SmartPal’, this mature robot generation offers solutions for the future challenges of an aging population.

In 2012 the YASKAWA business plans envisage a sales volume of 400 million Euros, a staff of 1,000 employees, a market share of 10% for inverters and 15% for robots. Today the joint staff of the two business units in Europe generates an annual sales volume of 250 million Euros. Founded in 1915, the parent company YASKAWA Electric Corporation presently employs a global staff of 8,000 employees and generates annual sales of more than 2.5 billion Euros.

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More success stories from the most diverse applications which partners Micromech Systems and Parker has been supporting for food processing equipment and packaging machinery manufacturers

Flow WrappingHorizontal flow wrapping machine


The flow wrapping machine market is very competitive and as a result a machine manufacturer was facing falling profit margins. At the same time, the request for more flexible machines forced him to develop even more elaborate concepts, increasing design times and costs.

The upgrades necessary meant the manufacturer needed a partner able to offer a complete servo drive and control solution for their horizontal flow wrapper. The cost-effective package comprised of a special motion controller, cost optimised servo drives as well as the application software engineering. Technology functions such as empty bag monitoring or program modules for synchronous product in-feed were also part of the package. When sealing to prevent the sealing jaws from closing and damaging the product if it is not correctly positioned in the foil hose, an electronic line shaft and mechanically independent drives for supply were used.

This partnership approach allowed the manufacturer to focus on their core competencies of the mechanical construction so to reducing design and development costs. The end customers profit from the flexibility and quick format changes of the completely servo driven machines.

The successful introduction of the new machine into the market meant customers are delighted with the outcome, higher production, less maintenance and of course much lower costs.

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Micromech’s Supplier Suplement: PM bearings news letter

Ringslides RPM Xtreme for precision in rotary & angular motion
PM BearingsPM introduces a new family to their existing ringslide type RPM. As per the existing range they have added the RPM Xtreme with 2, 3 and 4 meters of diameter. This can be used for angular precision motion and all types can be combined together also for 360 degrees motion with the same high precision RPM Xtreme ringslide series. A new bearing family for precision rotary and angular motion enable the user to take higher trust and moment loadings while guaranteeing high precision, longer service lifetime and very low coefficient of friction. Special design with driving gears or Piezo technology, special attachment holes can be supplied to meet custom needs.

PM is expanding
This year PM bearing is to expand its activities and will start on a new production facility. To meet the demand from customers there is a need for a bigger area for system integration and due to the urgent requirement for clean room space, PM has already started on their expansion programme. The organisation structure at PM will also be changed to a higher level to serve customers thereby taking the next step to becoming a major system integrator.

PM’s new team
Clearly to accommodate the production expansion there will follow changes in the organisation structure. Already they started building a new sales team with Jos Olde Reuver returning to PM after 3 years absence, he will be responsible for the overall sales team. Karin Ringenier is also added to sales support and in addition Joep Lüth is to become the junior sales engineer responsible for the Korean sales area and general sales support. In September this year there will be a further junior sales engineer who will start at PM after his graduation.

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Eye Spyraflo, a look at bearing applications… Spyraflo bearings have ‘the reel thing’

A manufacturer produces a unique, portable reel dispenser that offers a simple and convenient solution to what has traditionally been a tedious and unwieldy task of getting an electric power cord to unwind and rewind in tight and restrictive work areas.

The new reel incorporates a significant new design feature which is a constant-torque unwind and rewind mechanism. Whether the reel is oriented horizontally or vertically, the operator can use it in complete safety without the cable constantly tugging at the appliance in use. The device is fully automatic and is ideal for trade, light industrial, as well as domestic and DIY applications.



The key challenge facing the company’s designers was how to incorporate the constant-torque, rewind, spring mechanism into a low-cost assembly and one that required smooth running bearings able to accommodate assembly and material variables. A further problem was – the mechanism was to be made of a thin cross section of sheet steel where the side plates had to support the bearings. The bearings still had to be secure and durable and reliably drive the reel.

The designers reviewed a number of options before selecting the Spyraflo 8mm diameter self-clinching, self-aligning, SAE-840 Bronze bearings (FSB-8M). The bearing’s ±5º self-alignment was crucial and its capability ensures a smooth pullout and retraction motion throughout the length of the 20 metre cable. The bearing has a 25% oil content ensuring the permanent self-clinching mount guarantees a long, maintenance-free life for this unique device.

The manufacturer is now experiencing huge success with this new product and delighted they chose Spyraflo bearings.

Are the bearings in your equipment causing you problems?

  • Insecure mounting
  • Need a minimum footprint
  • Assembly difficulties
  • Excessive Wear
  • Misalignment
  • You want minimal maintenance

We have the answer!

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