The PANdrive PD57-1060 and PD60-1060 are 57mm and 60mm stepper motors integrated with a controller/driver having coolStep™ and sensOstep™ encoders

The PD57-1060 and PD60-1060 PANdrive™ family is a full mechatronic solution which includes a high torque stepper motor and a motion controller/driver using the new outstanding coolStep™ technology for sensorless load dependent current control. This allows the first time an energy efficient operation of an open-loop stepper motor system.

Trinamic PD57-1060 PD60-1060Furthermore with the advanced stallGuard2™ feature the load of the motor can be detected with high resolution. The PANdrive™ can be controlled via USB, CAN or RS485 serial interface or by simple Step-/Direction signals. The power supply, interface and the multi purpose I/Os can be connected with JST connectors.

The new spreadCycle™ chopper allows highest smoothness and high speed operation and the internal sensOstep™ encoder can be used to detect step loss or to control the target position. It comes with the PC based software development environment TMCL-IDE for the Trinamic Motion Control Language (TMCL™).

Using predefined TMCL™ high level commands like ‘move to position’ or ‘constant rotation’ a rapid and fast development of motion control applications is guaranteed. Communication traffic is kept very low since all time critical operations, e.g. ramp calculation are performed on board.

The TMCL™ programme can be stored in the on board EEPROM for stand-alone operation. The firmware of the module can be updated via the serial interface. Optional there is available CANopen firmware.

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The new Origa catalogue offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of actuators

The new Origa catalogue offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of actuators

Parker-Origa is a division of Parker Hannifin, a leader in the innovative design and manufacture of electric actuation and control solutions for industrial automation. The Origa System range provides a modular approach to linear automation with the easy integration of guides, controls, position sensing equipment and other accessories. The extensive range of electric linear drives capitalises on this system modularity and extends the scope of application with respect to loads, speeds, precision, positional accuracy and path control.


OSP-E Series Electric Linear Drives and Guides

Based on the concept of the well-known Origa rodless pneumatic cylinder, well proven worldwide, Parker-Origa now offers the complete solution for actuator systems. Developed for absolute reliability, high performance, easy handling and optimised design, ORIGA SYSTEM PLUS can master even the most difficult installation requirements.



SYSTEM PLUS satisfies even the most demanding applications being a completely modular concept, enabling pneumatic and electric actuators to be combined with guides and control modules for all kinds of applications. The main system carriers are the actuators themselves, consisting of extruded aluminium profiles with double dovetail slots on three sides, providing direct mounting for all modular options.



Electric Belt Actuator
For applications with higher speeds and precise movement and positioning for longer travel. Linear Drive with Toothed Belt and integrated, Recirculating Ball Bearing Guide or Roller Guide, Series OSP-E.BHD Linear Drive with Toothed Belt and Internal Plain Bearing Guide Series OSP-E..B


Electric Screw Actuator
For higher actuator power and precise movement and positioning. The main system carriers are the actuators themselves, consisting of extruded aluminium profiles with double dovetail slots on three sides, providing direct mounting for all modular options.


Parker Hannifin is the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of manufacturing, industrial and aerospace markets. Micromech is the UK distributor and systems integrator for Parker Hannifin electromechanical products. For more information or a copy of the catalogue, contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or email

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Sigma-5 Servo-Drive Series from YASKAWA gives the highest accuracy, easiest set-up and unlimited connectivity

Sigma-5 is a servo pack, consisting of servo motors, servo amplifiers and a powerful set-up tool. Sigma-5 replaces the successful Sigma-2 series which has been available for several years now for a wide range of applications. Customers using the Sigma-2 products in their machines will have no problems with implementing a changeover to Sigma-5.

The new Sigma-5 series offers rotary, direct drive and linear motors. The rotary servo motor range will be available in several performance categories between 0.1 and 15 kW. They cover all market demands with regard to compactness, high dynamics, high efficiency, low maintenance and outstanding reliability

The most impressive feature of the Sigma-5 series is its positioning accuracy of up to 10 nm with standard products, while offering shortest positioning times. In addition, the well known auto-tuning function has been optimised for the most sophisticated applications. Example: The new auto-tuning algorithm allows the perfect set-up of two axes in a super high performance machine in less than two hours, compared to more than eight hours needed by other products in the market.

In short, Sigma-5 offers precise positioning at highest speed, smooth, vibration-free operation and easiest start up. For machine builders this means: Shortest cycle time – highest throughput, better product quality, less machine wear, shortest initial set-up time and lowest lifecycle cost.

The major benefits of Sigma-5, such as precise and fast positioning, highest machine speed, vibration-less motion and smooth running at lowest speed, make Sigma-5 ideal for machines in the fields of electronics, semiconductors, packaging, printing and machine tools. The new Sigma-5 generation will also be a perfect match for the injection moulding and metal forming industries, where high throughput and point-to-point positioning are decisive factors.

Sigma-5 Features Sigma 5

Highest performance for maximum efficiency

  • optimised servo motors
  • high resolution serial encoders
  • servo amplifiers with ASICs
  • (Application Specific Integrated Circuit)
  • new intelligent algorithms
  • precise and fast positioning
  • vibration less motion
  • smooth running at lowest speed
  • highest quality
  • no manual adjustment required

User-friendly software for fast and easy set-up

  • set-up software “SigmaWin+”
  • no expert know-how is necessary
  • optimum setting results
  • optimised auto tuning function
  • automatic filter function to suppress vibrations
  • automatic adjustment of the servo amplifiers
  • a wide range of inertia ratios
  • free download of the servo motor selection
  • programme ‘SigmaSize+’

Versatile communication with machine controllers

  • embedded open fieldbus system MECHATROLINK-II
  • via several open and ethernet based fieldbus systems

Compact and efficient

  • new design with many benefits
  • re-designed servo motors
  • number of parts was reduced by about 30%
  • increased vibration resistance by 100% to 5G
  • power losses down by 30%
  • advanced winding technologies
  • high performance magnets

Micromech supplies world-leading servo drive technology and linear products. Micromech is the UK distributor and integrator for Yaskawa Electric, if you require more information about these exciting products then contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or

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For long traversals and dynamic movement the new ODS-B is the ideal linear drive

For long traversals and dynamic movement the new ODS-B is the ideal linear drive

New from Micromech is the ORIGA ODS-B toothed belt electric linear drive, which completes the ORIGA DRIVE SYSTEM for applications that require highly dynamic movements and long traverse paths. The innovative tooth belt design also gives excellent ganging characteristics as well as outstanding energy efficiency.

The new tooth belt electric linear actuator represents within the family a variant that shows particular strengths when impressive acceleration is required. A further unique feature of the ODS-B is that the motor can be mounted in virtually any orientation, which gives the user a new flexibility for the design of the complete drive package. The innovative profile of the tooth belt used for the ODS-B results in excellent ganging, running smoothness and energy efficiency.

The ODS series linear drives are designed for screw (ball screw drive or trapezoidal screw drive), belt and linear motor drive applications. This ensures support for applications requiring safe movement with large loads and forces, and also speed and precision positioning.ODS-B

Both the screw drive version and the new toothed belt electric linear actuator has great benefits for customers when it comes to mounting the drive. Be it directly on the machine bed or free-standing: a standard hole pattern, which if necessary can be adapted to customer-specific requirements, and an alternative fixing system using T-slots in the body profile, provide an almost inexhaustible range of assembly options.
In order to achieve precise movement to intermediate positions these motors offer either simple visual or precision electromagnetic travel measurement systems of the highest resolution. For simplicity of installation due to the modularity of the design there is a wide choice when it comes to the position of the limit switches. These, too, can be fitted either inside or outside the covers, which are easily removable without assembly aids. The limit switches, which come as either a reed contact or an electronic version, make the linear drive both safe and convenient by promptly and effectively preventing heavy impacts at the drive end positions and the associated wear. Where operating speeds are particularly high, the limit switches can be combined with additional end position impact protection for maximum convenience.

There is a novel design devised something special for operation with covers in place: externally accessible nipples for convenient central lubrication can be carried out quickly and simply from a central unit without the need to remove the covers. This saves costs by reducing downtime.

A further distinctive feature comes into its own when it is necessary to stop and hold the drive under load. A holding brake is used to ensure the necessary safety and to hold the drive carriage or the work-pieces being carried on it (which may be at a critical point of the transfer or machining process) in their exact positions, even during vertical movement.

The guide systems are plain bearing, roller or re-circulating ball bearing guide and for impact protection there are integrated shock absorbers for both end positions. The protection class is IP54 with cover and IP20 without. The position sensing is by adjustable switches for both end and referential positions and distance measuring is a contact-less incremental distance system. The holding brake system operates for both horizontal and vertical movements and the cable drag chains are direct lateral mounting.

All the additional fittings can be located beneath the covers of the linear drive to avoid the soiling or damage that may occur if they are mounted externally. The ODS linear drives can therefore be used in harsh and damp conditions such as those experienced in machining production, or even with the filling and packaging of food and beverages.

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Extended servomotor lead times are not a problem for Kollmorgen

Extended servomotor lead times are not a problem for Kollmorgen

Deliveries of the AKM Synchronous servomotors from Kollmorgen are now down to only four weeks lead time due to capacity being increased by one third. In spite of considerable growth of the AKM range, the factory has reduced its lead times and thus is able to help its customers to realise additional competitive benefits.  Machine builders can now deliver faster, and machine users will benefit from shorter service times.


Many motor users will already be aware of delivery problems from their current supplier who right now will be experiencing very long lead times. In fact some motion control manufacturers have warned their customers of these delays and feedback from many is telling us that motor lead times are rising to 20 to 24 weeks. Kollmorgen’s extra production capacity at their AKM motor manufacturing factory has resulted in considerable growth, but even with this higher production demand the added manufacturing capacity has still enabled them to reduce motor delivery time to 4 weeks.

As machine makers, if you are experiencing severe problems producing machines ordered from your company, then Micromech can help keep production going and avoid any penalty costs. To assist in the motor and drive conversion process we have a checklist of questions to make it easier for customers wanting to change to Kollmorgen products. At Micromech we offer a complete service, from design and build, to test, programming, installation and commissioning which means we can fully integrate an alternative motor and if it is required also the drive. We produce drawings, documentation, change control systems, carry out mechanical alterations and software programming changes. This means changeover to AKM is made easy.

Not only are AKM motors suitable for the development of compact, light machines with improved heat dissipation, energy consumption, durability; they are also a sensible alternative to many motors used in already existing applications. Thanks to their extraordinary multiplicity of design options and special design characteristics, a suitable solution can be found quickly and cost-effectively for almost all circumstances and providing positive results for the existing machines.

Udo Aull, President of Kollmorgen EU: “It is our objective to minimize the lead times for our AKM motor series continuously so that machine builders can not only achieve competitive advantages by optimally-tailored, highly-efficient solutions, but also by reducing their time to market. OEMs that have obsolete or defective motors from other motor manufacturers can quickly replace them with AKM servo motors thanks to our highly flexible design, quick prototype availability, fast delivery.”

Micromech is a leading UK motion expert in positioning and speed control supplying a wide range of motion control products plus associated equipment to industry, research, defence and manufacturing. Micromech can supply goods either as components or complete packages and so is a significant force in the field of sophisticated multi-axis control and is a recognised specialist in servo and stepping motor applications. For more information about these exciting products contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or

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