For long traversals and dynamic movement the new ODS-B is the ideal linear drive

For long traversals and dynamic movement the new ODS-B is the ideal linear drive

New from Micromech is the ORIGA ODS-B toothed belt electric linear drive, which completes the ORIGA DRIVE SYSTEM for applications that require highly dynamic movements and long traverse paths. The innovative tooth belt design also gives excellent ganging characteristics as well as outstanding energy efficiency.

The new tooth belt electric linear actuator represents within the family a variant that shows particular strengths when impressive acceleration is required. A further unique feature of the ODS-B is that the motor can be mounted in virtually any orientation, which gives the user a new flexibility for the design of the complete drive package. The innovative profile of the tooth belt used for the ODS-B results in excellent ganging, running smoothness and energy efficiency.

The ODS series linear drives are designed for screw (ball screw drive or trapezoidal screw drive), belt and linear motor drive applications. This ensures support for applications requiring safe movement with large loads and forces, and also speed and precision positioning.ODS-B

Both the screw drive version and the new toothed belt electric linear actuator has great benefits for customers when it comes to mounting the drive. Be it directly on the machine bed or free-standing: a standard hole pattern, which if necessary can be adapted to customer-specific requirements, and an alternative fixing system using T-slots in the body profile, provide an almost inexhaustible range of assembly options.
In order to achieve precise movement to intermediate positions these motors offer either simple visual or precision electromagnetic travel measurement systems of the highest resolution. For simplicity of installation due to the modularity of the design there is a wide choice when it comes to the position of the limit switches. These, too, can be fitted either inside or outside the covers, which are easily removable without assembly aids. The limit switches, which come as either a reed contact or an electronic version, make the linear drive both safe and convenient by promptly and effectively preventing heavy impacts at the drive end positions and the associated wear. Where operating speeds are particularly high, the limit switches can be combined with additional end position impact protection for maximum convenience.

There is a novel design devised something special for operation with covers in place: externally accessible nipples for convenient central lubrication can be carried out quickly and simply from a central unit without the need to remove the covers. This saves costs by reducing downtime.

A further distinctive feature comes into its own when it is necessary to stop and hold the drive under load. A holding brake is used to ensure the necessary safety and to hold the drive carriage or the work-pieces being carried on it (which may be at a critical point of the transfer or machining process) in their exact positions, even during vertical movement.

The guide systems are plain bearing, roller or re-circulating ball bearing guide and for impact protection there are integrated shock absorbers for both end positions. The protection class is IP54 with cover and IP20 without. The position sensing is by adjustable switches for both end and referential positions and distance measuring is a contact-less incremental distance system. The holding brake system operates for both horizontal and vertical movements and the cable drag chains are direct lateral mounting.

All the additional fittings can be located beneath the covers of the linear drive to avoid the soiling or damage that may occur if they are mounted externally. The ODS linear drives can therefore be used in harsh and damp conditions such as those experienced in machining production, or even with the filling and packaging of food and beverages.

For more information about these exciting new products contact Stirling on 01376 333333 or

‘Accurate, Dynamic, with User Friendly Flexibility’


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