Sigma-5 Servo-Drive Series from YASKAWA gives the highest accuracy, easiest set-up and unlimited connectivity

Sigma-5 is a servo pack, consisting of servo motors, servo amplifiers and a powerful set-up tool. Sigma-5 replaces the successful Sigma-2 series which has been available for several years now for a wide range of applications. Customers using the Sigma-2 products in their machines will have no problems with implementing a changeover to Sigma-5.

The new Sigma-5 series offers rotary, direct drive and linear motors. The rotary servo motor range will be available in several performance categories between 0.1 and 15 kW. They cover all market demands with regard to compactness, high dynamics, high efficiency, low maintenance and outstanding reliability

The most impressive feature of the Sigma-5 series is its positioning accuracy of up to 10 nm with standard products, while offering shortest positioning times. In addition, the well known auto-tuning function has been optimised for the most sophisticated applications. Example: The new auto-tuning algorithm allows the perfect set-up of two axes in a super high performance machine in less than two hours, compared to more than eight hours needed by other products in the market.

In short, Sigma-5 offers precise positioning at highest speed, smooth, vibration-free operation and easiest start up. For machine builders this means: Shortest cycle time – highest throughput, better product quality, less machine wear, shortest initial set-up time and lowest lifecycle cost.

The major benefits of Sigma-5, such as precise and fast positioning, highest machine speed, vibration-less motion and smooth running at lowest speed, make Sigma-5 ideal for machines in the fields of electronics, semiconductors, packaging, printing and machine tools. The new Sigma-5 generation will also be a perfect match for the injection moulding and metal forming industries, where high throughput and point-to-point positioning are decisive factors.

Sigma-5 Features Sigma 5

Highest performance for maximum efficiency

  • optimised servo motors
  • high resolution serial encoders
  • servo amplifiers with ASICs
  • (Application Specific Integrated Circuit)
  • new intelligent algorithms
  • precise and fast positioning
  • vibration less motion
  • smooth running at lowest speed
  • highest quality
  • no manual adjustment required

User-friendly software for fast and easy set-up

  • set-up software “SigmaWin+”
  • no expert know-how is necessary
  • optimum setting results
  • optimised auto tuning function
  • automatic filter function to suppress vibrations
  • automatic adjustment of the servo amplifiers
  • a wide range of inertia ratios
  • free download of the servo motor selection
  • programme ‘SigmaSize+’

Versatile communication with machine controllers

  • embedded open fieldbus system MECHATROLINK-II
  • via several open and ethernet based fieldbus systems

Compact and efficient

  • new design with many benefits
  • re-designed servo motors
  • number of parts was reduced by about 30%
  • increased vibration resistance by 100% to 5G
  • power losses down by 30%
  • advanced winding technologies
  • high performance magnets

Micromech supplies world-leading servo drive technology and linear products. Micromech is the UK distributor and integrator for Yaskawa Electric, if you require more information about these exciting products then contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or

‘Affordable Automation’


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