The PKM is a Nano accuracy Tripod utilising linear motors

ALIO, in its focus to push True Nano ™ precision has led to the development of an XY Tripod system to replace Hexapod Alio PKMapplications. It will also offer better solutions for many applications having 3,4,5 and 6 axis motion needs.

The photo here shows a 6-axis motion system, which has nano-metre flatness and straightness of travel that is not available from any Hexapod structure, which is currently manufactured. Thus it can be said that 6-D Nano Precision ™ from a parallel kinematics motion system is finally here.

This new Tripod mounted to ALIO’s world leading performance XY cross roller stage is more precise than all other mechanical bearing stages and even more than competitors air bearing stages. The PKM delivers True Nano™ performance in all 6 degrees of freedom.

This exciting new design utilises counterbalanced Airex linear motors which not only have great positioning performance they can accommodate large payloads. The product shown has 10kg payload mass capability but smaller and larger units are available in the product group.

If you would like more details about these exciting precision stages then contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or email on

‘Nano precision a Standard’


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