Introducing the Kollmorgen AKD PDMM™ Multi-Axis Integrated Servo Drive and Automation Controller

The AKD PDMM ™ available from Micromech, combines one AKD servo axis and a master controller that supports up to eight or more additional AKD axes in a single, compact package. It provides integrated control for multiple high-performance axes, complete I/O and HMI interfaces, and includes the full automation capabilities of Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ giving a single, scalable development environment for both AKD PDMM and PAC-based machines.

ImageExtending customer design options the AKD PDMM controls as many as eight axes or more without the need for a PLC or PAC thus reducing cabinet space and wiring requirements. It is the perfect machine and motion controller for any project using a single, fully integrated programming environment, in so building a better machine at a lower cost.


  • Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ provides fully Integrated programming, testing, setup and commissioning
  • Embedded web server utility simplifies service
  • Control 8 axes or more while reducing machine footprint
  • EtherCAT multi-axis master motion controller integrated with a standard AKD™ drive axis
  • Full IEC61131-3 soft PLC for machine control, with support for all 5 programming languages
  • Choice of PLCopen for motion or Pipe Network™ for programming motion control
  • 32 kB non-volatile memory stores machine data to eliminate scrap upon restart after power failure
  • SD Card slot simplifies backup and commissioning, with no PC required
  • Onboard I/O includes 13 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, 1 analogue input, 1 analogue output (expandable with AKT series of remote I/O)
  • Works with Kollmorgen Visualisation Builder for programming AKI human-machine interface panels
  • Enables plug-and-play compatibility with the servomotor provides access to all the advantages of Kollmorgen’s breadth of motor platforms including AKM™, CDDR™ and other direct-drive technologies
  • Supports real-time performance feedback from Smart Feedback Devices (SFD), EnDat2.2, 01, BiSS, Analogue Sine/Cos encoder, incremental encoder, HIPERFACE®, and resolver
  • Full-frequency auto-tuning ensures perfect motion across the performance spectrum
  • Maximum axis count depends on motion/automation complexity and performance (8 axes nominal based on medium complexity at 4 kHz network update rate
  • The fastest velocity and position loop updates

Reduce Cabinet Space, Wiring Costs and Development Time

The AKD PDMM™ combines a high-performance AKD™ servo drive with a multi-axis machine and motion control in a single, compact package that can be programmed, tuned and commissioned using the Kollmorgen Automation Suite™. It has one built-in AKD servo drive that serves as a master machine and motion controller for up to 7 or more additional AKD drives. This means a machine can be built to incorporate multiple high-performance axes, complete I/O connectivity and an HMI interface, all without the need for a separate PLC or PAC. Therefore engineers can program a new machine using the same scalable, integrated development environment used for larger PAC-based machines up to 128 axes.

As a result the AKD PDMM simplifies the machine, shortens development cycles and gives an agile platform for creating truly differentiated solutions that win new business. The additional major benefit of this product is the reduction in panel space, wiring costs and build time. This means there is accelerated design time and simplified integration and due to the proven architecture of the Kollmorgen Automation Suite there is minimum risk and maximum performance.

The Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ simplifies and accelerates development through a unified system of software, hardware, and collaborative engineering. This scalable solution provides a fully integrated development environment for any application, whether programming a single axis of motion, a multi-axis AKD PDMM™ system or a PAC based system up to 128 axes. In the field the Kollmorgen Automation Suite has had outstanding results such as: improving product throughput by up to 25% with industry-leading motion bandwidth; reducing scrap by up to 50% with world-class servo accuracy; seamless power-failure recovery and highly dynamic changeovers; increasing precision for better quality; reduced waste and less downtime using EtherCAT, the field bus with motion bus performance. Furthermore it has enabled more adaptable, sustainable and innovative machines that produce measurably improved marketability and profitability.

Micromech is a leading UK motion expert in positioning and speed control supplying a wide range of motion control products plus associated equipment to industry, research, defence and manufacturing. Micromech can supply goods either as components or complete packages and so is a significant force in the field of sophisticated multi-axis control and is a recognised specialist in servo and stepping motor applications. For more information about these exciting products contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or

‘Micromech your Kollmorgen Silver Motion Partner’


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