Servo applications can now get a high-performance boost

Now available from Micromech are the Parker’sCompax3 servo drives with EtherCAT which is an open, real-time, high-speed motion-bus network that operates over fast Ethernet at 100Mbit. This development is a fast-growing industrial network offering speeds faster than DeviceNet, ModbusTCP and Profibus.

Parker’s Compax3 servo drives now utilise EtherCAT as a controlled node and implement the standard CAN over EtherCAT DS402 object library. This standardised implementation improves the ability to work directly with third-party EtherCAT managing nodes on the market.

EtherCAT has been added to the whole Compax family. First the standard Compax3, which is a high performance servo controller with a power range from 1 to 110 kW and a whole selection of functions. Then there is the Compax3S that has a rated power of 1 up to 25 kW and can be installed in 300 mm control cabinets. Next is the Compax3M with a power range of 2 to 20 kW where there can be a cost reduction for multiaxis applications thus reducing cabling costs. Then finally the Compax3H that has a power range of 35 to 110 kW

This enhancement improves a wide range of applications from tube bending, to pharmaceutical automation, life science and packaging. Each have benefited from EtherCAT.

Micromech is Parker’s motion partner and can offer a bespoke solution to meet all of your motion control needs, for more information contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or or

‘Micromech Systems and Parker are forces in motion’


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