The Sigma-5 Indexer from Yaskawa is simple, smart and speedy

The Sigma-5 INDEXER command option SGDV-OCA03A from Micromech is an add-on board which is compatible with Sigma-5 series command option attachable type amplifiers. The indexer is an easy to use 1-axis positioning controller ideal for systems that have a PC or a PLC and as the host controller gives an unbelievably high level of performance. The module offers a wide range of functions for high-accuracy and high-speed point-to-point positioning without using a motion controller.

The indexer is simple to use as the configuration tool SigmaWin+ gives total support from adjustment to programming. The wizard provides that’s east to interact with in a dialogue format to set-up and change the settings for the application in windows. This includes table editing of the Program table, Zone table, and JOG speed table as well as parameter editing for ease of use. The displays and edits tables are stored in the Indexer Module’s internal memory. There is an In Station-positioning Window which by specifying a position range and a number of stations, the position of each station can be automatically set in the program table. The Parameter Editing displays, edits, and saves the parameters used for the Indexer Module. Monitoring displays the SERVOPACK status, operation, and I/O signals in windows. The trace display shows data stored in the SERVOPACK’s internal memory in a graph like those used for oscilloscopes. The graph displayed and its data can be printed and saved.

The indexer is smart with its refined programming using programme tables that require no special programming language. All that is required for positioning is to set the position data, speed and other types of information. In these tables it is easy to select output signals and functions such as those for external positioning and 32 zone signal output. A wide range of functions such as external positioning, 16 JOG speed levels, three homing modes and programmable signal outputs are available. There are 19 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs as standard, easy ASCII commands via RS 422/485 and up to 256 positioning points that can be programmed.

The indexer is also speedy with its high-performance and high-functionality which combined with the Sigma-V series servo drives achieves high-speed, high-accuracy positioning intelligent auto-tuning and innovative anti-vibration suppression for quick set-up. The result is an outstanding performance where as standard is the highest-level servo response (speed frequency response of 1.6 kHz) in the industry and a high-resolution 20-bit encoder (1,000,000 pulses per rev.)

Start-up is easy providing a tuning-less function that works as soon as it is hooked up. The advanced auto tuning function automatically optimises machine motions and a new one-parameter tuning function. This makes refined adjustments to attain maximum performance by adjusting only one parameter in one tenth of settling time in comparison with earlier models.

The arrangement also has excellent expandability where a wide range of small and medium capacity servo motors with low and medium inertia options all connectable with a conventional model of direct drive motor and linear motor. For easy compliance with machine safety standards the Sigma series of products are compliant with applicable safety standards IEC61508-1 to 4 SIL2 and EN954-1 category 3 and Stop category 0.

Micromech-Yaskawa supplies world-leading servo drive technology and linear products. Micromech is the UK distributor and integrator for Yaskawa Electric, if you require more information about these exciting products then contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or

‘Affordable Automation’


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