Motion controller MP2310iec features modular expansion

Yaskawa’s universal standard motion controller MP2310iec, now available from Micromech, features three additional free slots for option modules. Used in conjunction with sophisticated multitasking functions this enables the module to control and monitor complex operations in a diverse automation environment.

For example, the motion controller can be equipped with communication modules for super-ordinate control units (Siemens) or for various bus systems. It can also be expanded using additional counter, I/O or positioning modules.

There are presently on offer nine different option modules. The motion controller programming is based on the international IEC61131-3 standard, so that all automation functions planned and programmed on this basis are interchangeable.

Pre-programmed software components from standard libraries help to shorten the time required for planning and putting (it) into operation. Together with its MotionWorks IEC design environment Yaskawa is providing a large number of PLCopen building blocks that ease efficient and standards-based planning and programming.

The MP2310iec is available in 4, 8, and 16 axes all comprising EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP and web server diagnostics. Users can select from up to three of 8 local I/O modules for the three open slots, and expanded I/O can be attained through EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, and/or the Yaskawa MECHATROLINK-II network I/O modules from third parties.

Typical applications for this controller are random rotary placer, rotary table indexer, conveyor, winder, screw feeder, extrusion and precision grinder.

Micromech-Yaskawa is a website dedicated to the world-leading servo drive technology and linear products. Micromech is the UK distributor and systems integrator for Yaskawa motion products, for more information contact Stirling on 01376 333333 or

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Trinamic has announced the following products are to be discontinued:

EOL PRODUCT (to be discontinued) TO BE REPLACED BY
PD-108-28 family TMCM-1021 / PD-1021 family (to be launched)
PD-109-57 family TMCM-1060 / PD-1060 family
TMCM-110-42 / PD-110-42 family TMCM-1141 / PD-1141 family (to be launched)
TMCM-140-42 / PD-140-42 family TMCM-1140 / PD-1140 family (to be launched)
TMCM-113-60 / PD-113-60 family TMCM-1161 / PD-1161 family
TMCM-1060 / PD-1060 family TMCM-1160 / PD-1160 family (to be launched)
TMCM-310/SG TMCM-6110
TMCM-610/SG TMCM-6110
TMCM-612/SG TMCM-6110
(Please note that most EOL products can still be ordered subject to minimum quantities)

Micromech is the UK and Eire distributor for these amazing products and if you would like to discuss replacement parts or to find out more contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or email

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Cartridge Direct Drive Motors speeds up flexographic print runs

The benefits of DDR™ technology means many customers are re-designing their entire machines around the Cartridge DDR™ motor. Flexographic printing is an ideal solution for customers who need a quick turnaround for medium to large print runs, up to about 50,000 metres of printed material. Compared to lithographic printing, advantages of flexo include faster start-up time, reduced waste and the ability to print a wide variety of inks on nearly any substrate, from thin, nonporous plastics to metal films, corrugated paperboard and more.

Consisting of a rotor, stator and high-resolution feedback device, the motor uses the machine’s bearings to support the rotor. An innovative compression coupling engages the rotor to the load and the frame of the direct drive mounts to the machine with a bolt circle and pilot diameter just like a conventional servomotor. This saves space and design time and simplifies the overall system.

Direct Drive for throughput and quality
The challenge for flexographic printing has always been to achieve quality and throughput comparable to lithography without making the process prohibitively expensive. Anilox rollers and plate cylinders must move in perfect synchronisation to ensure consistent results. For this reason printing machine OEMs are replacing bull gear and motor/gearbox driven systems with Kollmorgen direct drive technology which eliminates inaccuracies due to gear backlash, wear and compliance.

Better Motion Means a More Profitable Machine
Direct drive provides perfectly synchronised motion that’s 20 times more accurate than a geared servo system, so the press can run faster, with no loss of quality. Direct drive also minimises set-up time and eliminates the need to periodically re-tune the transmission to compensate for worn gears. Faster, higher quality printing with less downtime, maintenance and waste, this all adds up to a more profitable printing press.

Optimised solutions, end to end    
Flexo printing requires precise tension, motion control and synchronisation across the entire machine from the unwind to the rewind roller. The Kollmorgen, ‘whole system’ approach includes an integrated development environment for machine automation, motion control, I/O and HMI – speeding the time to market through graphical programming and real-time analysis. With the Kollmorgen unique co-engineering capabilities, the customer always has access to the motion solutions and expertise designers need to truly differentiate their machines from the competition. In addition, Kollmorgen is the only motor manufacturer who has the Cartridge format for a DDR™ motor. This is significant as many customers using alternative systems are replacing them with Cartridge DDR™ motor because they recognise the value this motor format brought to their machine.

Micromech is a leading UK motion expert in positioning and speed control supplying a wide range of motion control products plus associated equipment to industry, printing, packaging, converting and manufacturing. Micromech can supply goods either as components or complete packages and so is a significant force in the field of sophisticated multi-axis control and is a recognised specialist in servo and stepping motor applications. For more information about these exciting products contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or

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Are your bearings causing you problems?

  • Insecure mounting
  • Need a minimum footprint
  • Assembly difficulties
  • Excessive Wear
  • Misalignment
  • You want minimal maintenance

We have the answer!

For children who are unable to pedal a conventional bicycle a company decided to develop a new cycle but to do this had to overcome some engineering problems. Unlike a traditional bicycle this innovative three-wheeled bike had to eliminate the difficult circular pedalling motion, replacing it with a more natural up and down stepping action.

The answer was to change this to be more like walking than cycling to give the forward motion. But of course a bike needs more than just special pedals, it also requires suitable handlebars, steering, and control. To tackle these issues the engineers realised they had to change their thinking and let the riders design the cycles. In addition the designers also involved physical therapists who suggested tilting the steering column back towards the rider so that children with spinabifida would be able to fit the cycle.

The first problem to deal with was the design of the steering column, which used a flange nylon bearing, located on a pin welded to the front axle. This caused major problems as it had no self-aligning feature and would just fracture when the steering column was tilted.

The engineers searched for suitable bearings and Spyraflo provided the answer. They requested samples of the oil-impregnated bronze self-clinching, self-aligning bearing that offers a ±5° self-alignment capability. The oil-impregnated bronze bearing was chosen for its rugged construction, as well as the self-lubricating feature as this would also keep the carbon steel alignment pin from corroding.

With the new bearing in place, the steering column could then be positioned where the rider needs the handlebars without inhibiting rotation of the column. Probably most children will not use the full 5° self-aligning feature but in tests it was used to its maximum and the steering column still worked flawlessly.

The engineers also had the added benefit in terms of cost saving and simplicity of assembly due to the patented self-clinching feature of the Spyraflo bearing. As the bearing is pressed into the bore, the tapered sides force material up into an undercut below the flange. The serration’s of the bearing act as multiple cutting edges that increase the flow of material into the undercut. When finished, the flange of the bearing is flush with the surface, and becomes an integral part of the assembly.

Micromech is the UK and Eire distributor of these clever bearings, if you would like more information about them, then contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or

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The Parker ETH high force electro-cylinder has been enhanced

The well-known series of ET electro-thrust cylinders, which are widely used in thousands of different applications, has been completely redesigned and enhanced. This ballscrew actuator delivers up to 5 times the force and 10 times the life of the previous ET in the same frame size. With the new ETH electro-thrust cylinder Parker has succeeded in setting new standards for power density and lifetime of electro-mechanic linear actuators.

The new features are many; such as unrivalled power density – very high forces in small frame sizes, an integrated anti-rotation device, reduced noise emission, the home/limit switches and cables can be concealed in the profile and a very high service life greatly increasing lifetime up to factor 5. Furthermore they are optimised for safe handling and simple cleaning, there is reduced maintenance costs thanks to an integrated lubricating hole in the cylinder flange and they are an easy replacement due to pneumatic ISO flange norm (DIN ISO 15552:2005-12) conformity.

In some force measurement applications, a force sensor on the cylinder rod is not possible or will affect the application’s scope. For this case Parker have developed a special variant of the ETH cylinder, where the force sensor is integrated into the rear end of the cylinder. The advantage is that the sensor cable does not move with the rod. All force sensors are configured as traction/thrust sensors and they can be used to measure contact forces or overloads. Thanks to the thin film technology, the swivel head force transducers are very robust and have long-time stability. An integrated analogue amplifier emits an output signal of 4 to 20mA and the sensors correspond to the EN 61326 standard for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and are sized to pick up traction/thrust forces.

The ETH is recognised as market leading due to its high shock and vibration resistance, high long term stability, its small temperature drift, the measuring range: traction/thrust forces up to 25kN and for its good repeatability. For precise motion, positioning, setting and actuating, the electro cylinder offers:

  • High mechanical efficiency up to 90 %
  • Strokes up to 1600 mm
  • High traction/thrust force up to 25,100N
  • Repeatability up to ±0.03mm
  • Speeds up to 1.7m/s
  • Toothed belt drive (for parallel motor mounting)
  • A range of screw pitches for thrusts from 5 to 32mm/rev.
  • 3  (ETH032, ETH050,ETH080)
  • Predefined standardised motor and gearbox flanges for simplified selection
  • 3 different protection classes available:                 IP54 with galvanised screws (standard)                 IP54 with VA stainless screws                 IP65

This excellent electro-cylinder model closes the gap between pneumatic and hydraulic drives; it is suitable to replace them in many applications and simultaneously increase the reliability of the production process. Taking the costs for air and oil into consideration, it is found in most cases an electromechanical system such as the ETH electro cylinder offers the more economical solution. Combined with a wide choice of accessories, it offers many possibilities in the following areas of application:

  • Packaging Machines
  • Material handling and feed systems,
  • Servo cylinder in the wood and plastic working industry
  • The textile industry for tensioning / gripping textile fabrics
  • Vertical actuators for loading machine tools
  • Automotive industry for transporting and feeding components
  • Testing equipment and laboratory applications
  • Valve and flap actuation
  • Pressing
  • Wood and plastic working industry
  • Process automation in the food and beverage industry

Micromech is Parker Hannifin’s UK distributor for electromech, motion and control products. If you want to know more about their clever and innovative products then contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or email

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Meet the Team – Trevor De Wilde

Hello again!

My previous contribution to the ‘Meet The Team’ feature was back in 2002. My role in the company then was as Sales Director having already covered a number of other Company Director roles in Micromech Systems Ltd our manufacturing division.

Firstly, It is most pleasing for me to announce with this update that Micromech Ltd has now been operating for 30 years. I have worked here for 25 of those.

Quite a lot has changed since 2002 as you might expect. Without change we do not progress so it is all good news really.

From the commercial viewpoint the advancement of technology has been most impressive and radically affected the type of products we are selling. Most electronic control systems are completely software based now thanks to the development in the semiconductor processing market of Video Game Stations and i-Phones etc. I am so pleased with the photographic capability of my i-phone 4 that it has become a little obsessive for me. The editing and enhancement ‘apps’ allow magnification and clarity possibilities which would credit a professional photographer…so I have included some recent examples below.

Back in the 1970’s when I worked for RCA Solid State and Motorola Semiconductors the development of solid state products was mainly driven by the Space Race and Military developments so maybe a more acceptable change in that field of technology.             For those of you who have the mental agility to recall some of my last ‘meet the team’ entry I am still living in Waltham Abbey normally renowned for traffic jams at junction 26 of the M25 (Magic Roundabout).             It is soon to become famous for the 2012 Olympic White Water Centre where all of the canoeing events will be staged. Fool as I am at the age of 64, I have booked a trial run on the white water rapids with five other mad people (younger than myself I expect), so may well have experienced that by the time you are  reading this.

We also have the Olympic torch coming through the town on July 7th en route to the new stadium.             The grave of King Harold is shown to be in the grounds of Waltham Abbey, and that is about it for our small town. Alas our tabby cat ‘Tibbles’ who I mentioned in the last effort is no longer with us, in physical form that is, so she is keeping King Harold company……somewhere nearby……say no more!!!

As you may have noticed I am not setting myself up for a new career move at this stage of my life, but rather looking forward to spending more time with my wife Mandy and pursuing my latest hobbies etc. which include (but are not limited to):-

Painting:                 (water-colour and acrylic) Some exhibits shown below.
i-Phone Photography: Some exhibits shown above.
Golf:                 (fair weather only!) best effort   86 for18 holes never repeated!!
Cooking: (making bread by hand, not machine)
Eating out: Did a Cookery Workshop at Delia Smith’s Norwich  last November.
Learning to play the guitar:                 (electric and acoustic) long job…my poor wife!!!
Gardening: We have quite small gardens fortunately.
Bike riding: around the Lee Valley park (mainly flat) ( See Photos)
Walking: ( Local Area Lee Valley Park  and Epping Forest )
Weekend-Breaks: many of them to Norwich…..what a great City?
Foreign Holidays: short-haul .. Sicily last year, Malta this year. (life’s too short for long- haul flights now! … too many of those in the past).

We are still Arsenal supporters despite their recent disappointing form, but we are confident it’s just a passing phase whilst they re-group! They had won the double in my last report…. In case you have forgotten! So I have included a photo of myself at the Emirates Stadium sitting in Arsene Wenger’s seat No 13 ! He is evidently not suspicious ..but maybe he needs to re-consider that?

So I have now reduced my working week down to three days and I imagine it will stay at that until I eventually decide to take the plunge and become a full-time retiree! Must still keep the grey cells moving about and some money coming in for all of the above hobbies!

I am sure this is likely to be my final offering for the ‘Meet the Team’ feature so I hope it will show that there is plenty of potential for ‘life after work’. That said, I would like to wish all of the customers and suppliers who deal with Micromech Group a very healthy retirement and a similar collection of interests. For all those passing Web site browsers who haven’t placed any business with us yet…

There is no better time to start than 2012!! So what are you all waiting for?

Best wishes


The following is a selection of some of my paintings  produced during the last few year’s, hope you like them!