Micromech launches an ultra compact, robust 0.45Nm brushless servomotor

Now available from Micromech is the Parker Hannifin NX1, a robust brushless servomotor for applications including machine tools, palletising systems, X-Y tables, robots and a variety of special-purpose machinery.

This exciting development extends torque output down to 0.45Nm, bringing high-precision servo performance into several new areas. The NX1 series is now the smallest product in Parker’s existing range of brushless permanent magnet synchronous servomotors, which offer a choice of torque outputs from 0.45 to 64Nm, with power ratings from 0.2 to 13.7kW at operating at speeds of up to 7,500rpm.

These high performance servomotors feature an innovative ten pole, concentrated flux and rare earth magnet design of rotor, to provide outstanding motion quality and high torque density. Feedback is via a resolver, incorporated as standard, with the option to configure each NX1 servomotor to interface with Absolute, Endat or Hiperface encoders. Similarly, the new servomotor can be supplied with or without sensors, with both power and sensor connections being quick and simple, via compact rotary connectors that are auto-lockable.
The NX1 servomotor is sealed to meet either IP64 or IP65 standards, depending on requirements, as well as having CE and UL approvals. Cooling is not usually required although a forced ventilation option to IP44 is available for use in exceptionally demanding environments.

Micromech is the leading UK distributor for Parker electromechanical products and if you wish to find out more, then contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or alan@micromech.co.uk

‘Affordable Automation’


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