Meet the team – Dave Whitmell revisited

London Swim 2011

There is an ulterior motive to repeating my ‘meet the team’ which I will explain at the bottom of the page.

A lot has happened since 2003. Although my work position at Micromech has not changed I have achieved a certification in IPC/WHMA-A-620 as reported in the Micromech web news in June 2011 (click for details).

Peter and Robert who were then 12 and 8 when I did my last ‘meet the team’ have of course grown up. My eldest Peter has now graduated From Warwick University and is working as a Teacher in Cambridge. Robert is now doing his A levels in the 6th Form. In the summer he is helping out at the Olympics, and lucky me, I have managed to get a ticket for the events where he is working.

            Pete’s Graduation 2011           

Frances and I have now celebrated 26 years of married bliss. She is now a Teaching Assistant, which is something she has wanted to do, and she loves.

Things have changed as far as my swimming is concerned as I have stopped the Masters but I am working to get back to it by swimming at a local gym. When I gave up the Masters swimming, my waistline increased, the weight just pilled on. I am now ‘trying’ to address this little problem through the Slimming World.

With my water colour paintings, I have given a few away; to family and work colleagues, hopefully they have hung them in prime position in their homes.

Over the years I have lost both a good friend and my father in-law to cancer, and now my stepfather is recovering after having surgery to remove part of his liver. In addition to this, my father died of a heart attack 30 years ago at the age of only 49, I have therefore decided it is time to do some fund raising.

The event’s I have chosen are:

British Gas Great swim London on the 26th May
British Gas Great swim Manchester on 30th June
Annual Walk in Wales weekend of 16-17th June.

The annual walk has been taking place over the last ten years; it started when a group of dads at a local football club decided it would be a good idea to taken their sons on a weekend hill walking. Over the years we have climbed Snowdon, Ben Nevis and many other Mountains. Peter, one of the dads who organised the walks, passed away last year. It was appropriate that this years walk is dedicated to him. His sons will also be taking part.

The Charities I have chosen are:

The British Heart Foundation
Helen Rollason Cancer Charity

I guess by now you have easily figured out my ulterior motive for a ‘meet the team’ update. Clearly I am too late for my first event but if you would like to sponsor me for one of the events or perhaps both of them, please click on the links on the events to make your offer.

Many thanks

Dave Whitmell


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