PM Bearings News – Acquisition of Tecnovia

PM Bearings are proud to announce the acquisition of Tecnovia BV on 15th May 2012 and as part of the PM-Group, Tecnovia will be operating under the name PM-Aerotec. As PM-Aerotec the company will continue to work together with all other divisions of the PM Group (PM-Bearings and PM-Motion) and is ready to serve a wide range of companies in high level Industries.

Tecnovia is a well-known company, which operates in the same high levels of industry as PM Bearings. It is a strong, quality certified supplier of parts and modules for the aviation industry, specialised sheet metal products and machine frame construction. Besides producing complex sheet metal structures they manufacture electro-mechanical modules, high quality mechanical parts, sheet metal parts and much more…

PM Bearings develops and manufactures linear bearings, crossed roller slides and innovative linear and rotary stages of unsurpassed quality. With the broadest range of models and sizes PM covers almost every requirement in linear motion where precision is required with standard or custom-made systems.

The PM bearings name is synonymous with:

  • Progressive Linear Technology
  • High quality Performance at a great price
  • Precision engineering to support development and rapid prototyping
  • Single applications to production quantities
  • Module assembling and testing facilities

PM’s years of experience, development and research have made the company today’s world leader in the highest grade of precision technology. Due to ever improving standards of quality and service, finding customer-minded solutions and offering high flexibility has been a natural success. The installation of state-of-the-art production facilities has resulted in the highest quality linear, curved and rotational bearings, ‘high-end’ systems and system integration. Working closely with customer’s means the best solutions are found for the relevant applications.

‘Innovative linear technology, unmatched precision, reliability and flexibility’


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