Meet the team – Stephanie Le May

Hi everyone….my name is Stephanie Le May, but I’m best known as Steph. I’m the newest member of the Sales team here at Micromech.

Where to start?….I’ll admit I wasn’t an A* student at school, but made up for it by gaining 2 NVQ’s at Colchester Institute, Essex. My results were Level 2 in Reception and Level 3 in Supervisory.

When I finished college I went straight into work at a 4 star Hotel quite near to where I live in Tiptree, Essex; I am pleased to say this was a big achievement for me. While I was there I was offered a new career path as a Sales Administrator at a local Timber Merchants. As it turned out, this was indeed the correct path as I stayed there for nearly 5 years! After some complicated personal reasons (men huh!) I left there and found my wonderful job here at Micromech.

My family is very important to me so I spend a lot of time with them, even though regrettably there are not so many of them left now. Unfortunately both my parents have now passed away, my Mum in 1999 and my Dad in 2011, but this I firmly believe has made me the person I am today.

So…what do I do out of work? Well I’m very lucky to have five beautiful goddaughters (yes five….that will be very interesting when they are all become teenagers!). So I like to spend time with them now and the future looks equally interesting.

I love to go out for dinner, watch films and go to the shops with my (new) boyfriend – even if he doesn’t enjoy the shopping HaHa.

Nearly everyone says they love a good holiday, but that’s not for me! I’m very happy taking a week off and just staying at home.

Anyway that’s enough of writing about myself…..I must get some work done now.

Take care!


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