The AC650S Series is a 0.25 – 7.5kW compact drive for permanent magnet motors without sensor

The AC650S series is designed to save energy in general purpose applications by replacing induction motors with more efficient permanent-magnet motors. Easy to commission and maintain, it runs the motor without speed sensor. It is available up to 1.5 kW for 230V supply and up to 7.5kW for 400V three-phase supply.

The AC650S has many features and benefits, first its side-by-side mounting reduces the space used in a cubicle. Then there are the considerable energy savings achieved when using a permanent-magnet motor instead of an induction motor that can amount to up to 12%, thanks to the higher efficiency of permanent-magnet motors.

It comes with one PID controller which can be set to control process parameters like pressure or flow rate, there is a sensorless motor control removing the need for a speed sensor, which thus improves the system reliability. It is also very easy to commission thanks to built-in application macros for the most common applications and free set-up wizard.

Massive energy savings are achieved because the drive features of the advanced sensorless control algorithm for permanent-magnet motors. This coupled with the high efficiency of Parker permanent-magnet motors, the combination achieves high energy-cost savings. A further major benefit is its design of maximum compactness for smaller machines but with no need to have a forced ventilation. The Parker PM motors which are ideal when matched with this drive are up to 75 % smaller than the same power induction motors, which enables designers to make ultra-compact machines. Furthermore, the motors are available with a very economical brake option.

Life is made easy with the simple diagnostics and maintenance panel, which is achieved through the friendly operator station

A cloning module (option) allows to the operator to save, archive and clone up to 10 drive configurations without using a PC, so there is no need to be an expert to maintain the machine!

  • Used in combination with AC650S drives, the permanent magnet motors are specially recommended as alternatives to induction motors when energy savings are important, in the following applications: conveyers, fans, pumps, hydraulic systems, extruders
  • They are also ideal where compact machines are required, when compact drive solutions are mandatory or when room in cubicles is limited such as the following applications: machine-tools, packaging machines, conveyers, winders/unwinders, special purpose machines

Micromech prides itself on its first-class technical expertise and in-depth specialist motion control knowledge gained from experience accumulated over 35 years of working in motion control. Micromech is able to advise, specify and supply the optimum products to suit your application. Backed by an extensive range of stocked products, the Micromech team is able to react and respond to your needs immediately.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these products further, please contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or email


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