Motion systems project file – January 2013

Micromech Systems provides a comprehensive motion service ranging from just simple modifications to motors and bespoke multi axis control systems including full installation, commissioning and after sales service.

Year: 2011

Industry or Research faculty: Research

Location: Oxfordshire


A compact optics bench mountable unit was required for carrying a laser light beam through a hollow shaft system with two rotating in-line axes.

The target application was for smooth speed control of each axis up to 3,000 rpm such that two independently mounted ‘optical wedge’ modules can be counter-rotated in phase to effect a two-axis linear trepanning pattern of incident light onto a common target surface.

Scope of overall contract

Micromech Systems were contracted to: propose a solution, design and supply the mechanical unit with interface cables to suit the light source which was the Delta Tau LV Brick motion control platform. It was also required that to demonstrate functionality the unit using feedback encoders.

Description of equipment and services supplied

The attached photo images show the general construction of the unit, which comprises:

Twin ‘frameless’ brushless motors with hall sensor commutation and large rotary encoder each mounted on they’re own hollow shaft bearing assembly to a common baseplate.

One axis is also mounted on a small linear bearing system driven by a stepper motor with encoder feedback. This linear adjustment is required for beam focussing between the two optical wedges.

Five metre long cable sets were assembled with strain relief clamps to the base plate for robustness when moved around the test area.

Merits of solution provided. This was a self-contained mechanical module for fixing to the optics bench surface. The cable interfaces designed to be pluggable and the system was pre-tested for function to 3000 rpm.

Partners in collaboration on contract Parker Hannifin: K series frameless motor kits British Encoder Co: Encoders Tiptree Precision Engineers: Mechanical fabrication Schneeberger: Linear slides.

Micromech Systems builds motion control systems to customers’ specifications, ranging from simple single-axis applications to complex multi-axis systems. We will design, build test, and produce application software, install and commission providing a cost-effective trouble-free solution to your Motion Control issues. Whether the application is a machine upgrade or a new project, Micromech Systems has the answer.

February 2013 project: Screen Dipping System


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