A high performance, sparkling clean servomotors suitable for hygiene or washdown applications

The Kollmorgen families of high torque density servomotors provide the widest range of features and options in the industry. These robust ranges allow users to select exactly the right motor for an application but without having to over specify and over pay.

The food industry regulations place numerous, often very stringent but necessary demands on system manufacturers and machine builders. However, depending on the application, the specific requirements for the motion components can range from simple to complex. It costs too much money to install an over specified motor especially in a washdown application. However it takes too much time and effort to modify a housing for a hygienic application. The Kollmorgen solution to overcome this expensive approach or indeed any other motor that doesn’t perform in the way that is required to, is to correct the initial product.

AKD WashdownConfronted with this powerful and diverse selection customers do not have to settle for just any motor. Engineers can select the exact motor for their application and get the job done properly, achieving optimal results. Whether the motor application is near a wet area or is required to be exposed to high-pressure washdown, the Kollmorgen families of servomotors provide a correct fit for a specific application.

HKM is the new range of stainless steel servomotors. They are built for drive tasks in packaging, food processing and pharmaceuticals. These sparkling clean motors, available in five sizes, are particularly suited for use in areas of the machine with direct product contact and where aseptic processes are carried out.

For example; drives with optional holding brakes for use in a delta picker robot. The launch of the size-2 HKM motor will mark as one of the world’s smallest stainless steel servomotors. With IP69K rated maximum environmental protection, the new range offers a torque density of less than 20 percent when compared with standard servomotors – avoiding the design limitations of other manufacturer’s stainless steel motors.

In fact, this minimal torque reduction (de-rating) is so good that a patent has been applied to protect the unique design solution.

A further highlight of the HMK series is its availability with the single-cable option for the Kollmorgen SFD digital resolver or hiperface feedback systems. At just 11mm diameter, the advantage is not only reduced cabling effort but also the need for only half of the normal cabling passing through your machine – plus it has only half as much stress on hygiene.

Importantly it is also good to know that EHEDG and FDA certify the new range.

AKD WashdownIn Summary the major features of the HMK motor are:

  • Single cable for both power and feedback, easier to clean
  • No other external hardware so smooth with easier to clean 316L stainless steel and highly corrosion resistant
  • Vented motor options (passive), reduces condensation so adds to the life
  • Full range of 19 motor sizes available – a best fit for machines
  • IP69K 1450 psi washdown sealing standard
  • Laser annealed name plate which does not harbour pathogens
  • No flat surfaces for puddling
  • Designed to EHEDG and 3A standards

Customers can also select from the robust line-up of the exclusive AKM™ washdown food grade models all with a proven track record for dependable, superior functionality and high-performance.

AKM Washdown series synchronous motors are a practical and cost-effective alternative to motors that employ high-grade stainless steel housings. With IP67 rated PTFE sealing, a special two-component epoxy coating and stainless steel output shafts these synchronous motors ensure complete resistance to corrosive chemicals including highly alkaline or acidic cleaning products. For use in food, beverage and packaging industries which are subject to strict hygienie regulations, a food-grade model is also available that additionally features food-safe lubrication and materials. With the same performance characteristics of the standard AKM permanent magnet motor range, this washdown synchronous motor is available in frame sizes 2 through 6, with several standard stack-lengths, also with a wide choice of winding, feedback and connection options.

The benefits of these industry-leading high performance motors are considerable. First there are certifications ranging from basic IP65 up to IP69K and FDA approval. Secondly there are thousands of model options as standard as well as severe washdown options. Then importantly, availability extends to all stainless options up to 300 and 17-4PH grade.

Micromech is a UK leading expert in positioning and speed control supplying a wide range of motion control products plus associated equipment to industry, research, defence and manufacturing. The Kollmorgen range includes the re-branded PacSci (Pacific Scientific), Slo-Syn® (Superior Electric) and Thomson ranges. All can be supplied as components or complete packages or put together as sophisticated multi-axis systems.

For more information about these exciting products contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or aspinks@micromech.co.uk

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The MX45S series are miniature ballscrew and leadscrew driven stages

Life science applications are a good example of how miniaturisation has driven the need for smaller and more efficient positioners. Parker’s MX45S series miniature positioner is the smallest positioner in the industry, is loaded with high-performance features for both rapid travel and precise positioning of lighter loads in small work envelopes.

MX45SDesigned for today’s 24/7 production demands, the MX45 series has redefined ‘high-throughput automation’ in the world of miniature positioners. Typical areas of application for the stages are research, fibre optics, photonics, electronics and biomedical processes.

The exceptional features of the stages are an ultra compact profile, just 35mm high and 80mm wide, with travels of 5, 15 and 25mm. Designed with anti-cage creep crossed roller bearings, the MX45S allows users to position up to 7kg of normal load on the stage’s three standard travel lengths of 5,15 and 25mm. They can be supplied with a high efficiency leadscrew or a high precision ground ballscrew, both of which are capable of producing 40N of thrust and reaching linear velocities of 20 and 30mm/s respectively.

mx45sThe leadscrew drive employs a PTFE-coated screw with a preloaded nut to deliver extremely smooth and quiet linear motion. A choice of two leadscrews allows the user to match the desired mix of velocity and resolution, in order to best match the application’s requirements.

The ballscrew drive is available in a 1mm screw offering the user 3μm bi-directional repeatability and 24hour continuous operation (100 % duty cycle).

There are ballscrew or leadscrew drive options, anti-cage creep crossed roller bearings, axial thrust of up to 40N and a maximum velocity of 30mm/s. They are stepper motor driven, have an option of digital limit/home sensor pack and there is a further option of rotary or linear encoders.

Accommodating multi-axis platforms they are ideal for either normal or cleanroom environments.

Micromech is the leading UK systems integrator and distributor for Parker Motion Products, for more information contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or email smorley@micromech.co.uk

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Motion systems project file – June 2013

Micromech Systems provides a comprehensive motion service ranging from just simple modifications to motors and bespoke multi-axis control systems including full installation, commissioning and after sales service.

Year: 2004 –2005DLS

Industry or Research faculty: Diamond Light Source Ltd

Location: Didcot Oxfordshire

Application or solution To supply motion control components, i.e. the control system and feedback components for a prototype build of two 5-axis insertion devices used for ‘wiggling’ or ‘undulating’ high energy light beam sources to produce the ‘useable’ beams for beam-line research.

Scope of overall contract To specify servomotors, gearheads and feedback encoders then build the VME networked motion control and PLC racks. To also provide software and then commission the prototypes.

Description of equipment and services supplied The main brushless servo drives and motors were selected from the Parker Compax range, the gearheads from Alpha Getriebebau (now Wittenstein) and the feedback encoders sourced from Heidenhain. The control PLC was from Omron and the motion controller supplied by Oregon Micro Systems (now Prodex). All the control equipment was installed into Canon 2000mm high equipment racks and the Diamond engineers required all the main connecting cables to be supplied. The Diamond Light Source engineers designed the mechanical design for the physical insertion device ID equipment. A Spanish supplier TTM inValencia undertook the construction of these units. Once the physical builds DLSwere available at Diamond’s site Micromech Systems engineers worked with DLS engineers to validate and commission the IDs ready for integration within the main synchrotron ring building.

Merits of solution provided This was an extremely complex motion control requiring software routines to modulate the vertical position and angle of two very large magnetic array beam-jaws between which the main light beam passes. The magnetic attraction force between the two jaws when at close range are in the order of tonnes. The beam position had to be controlled to accuracy of a few microns and with very fast response, while the absolute position and tilt had to be monitored continually. At times the upper beam was required to track and move in synchronisation with the lower beam.               The power capability of the Parker Servomotors combined with the precision and stiffness of the Alpha gear heads made such control feasible. Micromech originally sized and specified these key components.

Partners in collaboration on contract Observatory Sciences Ltd were sub-contracted to produce EPICS drivers (Synchrotron Network command software) for the control system.

Micromech Systems builds motion control systems to customers’ specifications, ranging from simple single-axis applications to complex multi-axis systems. We will design, build, test, and produce application software, install and commission providing a cost-effective trouble-free solution to your motion control issues. Whether the application is a machine upgrade or a new project, Micromech Systems has the answer.

July 2013 project: Laser Alignment Insertion Devices

Micromech launches it’s online shop

Good News!

Micromech the UK’s premier online motion and control supplier is delighted to announce the launch of its online service on the 1st June 2013

Micromech-Online is supplying a range of motion products, including stepper and servomotors, drive and control modules, and inverters. We aim  to provide an easy access to inexpensive yet high quality, commonly used motion components.

  • Micromech-Online makes motion products available quickly and easily with just a few clicks.
  • We will have products in stock for quick delivery.

The motion ranges are aimed at popular products, where customers know what they require and are not in need of any technical help.


Peace of mind, with secure online ordering and speedy dispatch!

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