Motion systems project file – June 2013

Micromech Systems provides a comprehensive motion service ranging from just simple modifications to motors and bespoke multi-axis control systems including full installation, commissioning and after sales service.

Year: 2004 –2005DLS

Industry or Research faculty: Diamond Light Source Ltd

Location: Didcot Oxfordshire

Application or solution To supply motion control components, i.e. the control system and feedback components for a prototype build of two 5-axis insertion devices used for ‘wiggling’ or ‘undulating’ high energy light beam sources to produce the ‘useable’ beams for beam-line research.

Scope of overall contract To specify servomotors, gearheads and feedback encoders then build the VME networked motion control and PLC racks. To also provide software and then commission the prototypes.

Description of equipment and services supplied The main brushless servo drives and motors were selected from the Parker Compax range, the gearheads from Alpha Getriebebau (now Wittenstein) and the feedback encoders sourced from Heidenhain. The control PLC was from Omron and the motion controller supplied by Oregon Micro Systems (now Prodex). All the control equipment was installed into Canon 2000mm high equipment racks and the Diamond engineers required all the main connecting cables to be supplied. The Diamond Light Source engineers designed the mechanical design for the physical insertion device ID equipment. A Spanish supplier TTM inValencia undertook the construction of these units. Once the physical builds DLSwere available at Diamond’s site Micromech Systems engineers worked with DLS engineers to validate and commission the IDs ready for integration within the main synchrotron ring building.

Merits of solution provided This was an extremely complex motion control requiring software routines to modulate the vertical position and angle of two very large magnetic array beam-jaws between which the main light beam passes. The magnetic attraction force between the two jaws when at close range are in the order of tonnes. The beam position had to be controlled to accuracy of a few microns and with very fast response, while the absolute position and tilt had to be monitored continually. At times the upper beam was required to track and move in synchronisation with the lower beam.               The power capability of the Parker Servomotors combined with the precision and stiffness of the Alpha gear heads made such control feasible. Micromech originally sized and specified these key components.

Partners in collaboration on contract Observatory Sciences Ltd were sub-contracted to produce EPICS drivers (Synchrotron Network command software) for the control system.

Micromech Systems builds motion control systems to customers’ specifications, ranging from simple single-axis applications to complex multi-axis systems. We will design, build, test, and produce application software, install and commission providing a cost-effective trouble-free solution to your motion control issues. Whether the application is a machine upgrade or a new project, Micromech Systems has the answer.

July 2013 project: Laser Alignment Insertion Devices


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