The MX45S series are miniature ballscrew and leadscrew driven stages

Life science applications are a good example of how miniaturisation has driven the need for smaller and more efficient positioners. Parker’s MX45S series miniature positioner is the smallest positioner in the industry, is loaded with high-performance features for both rapid travel and precise positioning of lighter loads in small work envelopes.

MX45SDesigned for today’s 24/7 production demands, the MX45 series has redefined ‘high-throughput automation’ in the world of miniature positioners. Typical areas of application for the stages are research, fibre optics, photonics, electronics and biomedical processes.

The exceptional features of the stages are an ultra compact profile, just 35mm high and 80mm wide, with travels of 5, 15 and 25mm. Designed with anti-cage creep crossed roller bearings, the MX45S allows users to position up to 7kg of normal load on the stage’s three standard travel lengths of 5,15 and 25mm. They can be supplied with a high efficiency leadscrew or a high precision ground ballscrew, both of which are capable of producing 40N of thrust and reaching linear velocities of 20 and 30mm/s respectively.

mx45sThe leadscrew drive employs a PTFE-coated screw with a preloaded nut to deliver extremely smooth and quiet linear motion. A choice of two leadscrews allows the user to match the desired mix of velocity and resolution, in order to best match the application’s requirements.

The ballscrew drive is available in a 1mm screw offering the user 3μm bi-directional repeatability and 24hour continuous operation (100 % duty cycle).

There are ballscrew or leadscrew drive options, anti-cage creep crossed roller bearings, axial thrust of up to 40N and a maximum velocity of 30mm/s. They are stepper motor driven, have an option of digital limit/home sensor pack and there is a further option of rotary or linear encoders.

Accommodating multi-axis platforms they are ideal for either normal or cleanroom environments.

Micromech is the leading UK systems integrator and distributor for Parker Motion Products, for more information contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or email

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