Micro Package has Big Performance

Micromech is pleased to introduce the new Kollmorgen P5000 stepper drive which is a compact micro-stepping drive optimised for high system performance particularly when used with the industry’s leading POWERMAX II stepper motors. It is frankly an impressive yet simple addition to the Kollmorgen stepper drive family.

Optimised to be smooth, to be compact, and furthermore to be paired in a stepper system that doesn’t get any easier! The P5000 and Kollmorgen stepper motors are just meant to be together. With easy access smoothing and profile potentiometers, achieving an optimised performance is so simple!

The many features of this drive includes a current output from 0.7-3.5A peak that is DIP switch selectable in 0.2 Amp increments, Bus Voltage 20-75 Vdc and wave matching via potentiometers for Kollmorgen motors to provide optimal performance.  All the inputs and outputs are similarly optically isolated, the command source from external step/direction inputs or internal velocity controlled oscillator (VCO) is again DIP switch selectable. The external single-ended step and direction command is disable input and fault or enable output, and the VCO Mode allows for velocity control via two separate potentiometers for CW and CCW rotation and a third potentiometer for acceleration. The P5000 has a pulse multiplier for smoothing micro-stepping, idle current reduction, both DIP switch selectable and compensation for mid-range instability.


The drive is RoHS and CE certified, UL recognition is pending.

Micromech is a UK leading expert in positioning and speed control supplying a wide range of motion control products plus associated equipment to industry, research, defence and manufacturing. The Kollmorgen range includes the re-branded PacSci (Pacific Scientific), Slo-Syn® (Superior Electric) and Thomson ranges. All can be supplied as components or complete packages or put together as sophisticated multi-axis systems.

For more information about these exciting products contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or alan@micromech.co.uk

‘Micromech your Kollmorgen Silver Motion Partner’


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