Kollmorgen extend their range of servomotors with the introduction of the VLM series

The new VLM servomotors are available now covering the torque range of 0.5 to 4.5Nm and 16Nm peak with speeds of up to 6000 rpm. They offer two frame sizes VLM2 and VLM3 with three lengths each and many further useful options.

The Value-Line servomotors (VLM) offer good performance at an excellent price, the result is a high value, and limited feature set motor that delivers solid servo performance for a wide variety of applications. This brings exceptional value to machine builders who need good servomotor performance at the best possible price. By leveraging specially selected components and flying leads that help eliminate the need for intermediate cables, then utilising low cost feedback options, you get a servomotor product line providing a lower priced solution built around a focused set of options.

VLM servomotors are available in the most popular motor sizes with 12 standard windings, in both NEMA23 and NEMA34 (as well as metric sizes 60mm and 90mm) mounting standards, 1m and 3m lead lengths are available and with multiple shaft configurations for seamless integration into nearly any system. These servomotors can operate at 120/240 VAC or 160/320 VDC and deliver rated speeds up to 6000 RPM, while providing up to 16Nm peak torque and nearly 5Nm continuous torque. Additionally, multiple feedback devices: digital resolver SFD, resolver, Hall sensors or ComCoder with 2048 ppr and cable options: Molex, D-SUB (direct to AKD), cable with IP65 connectors and flying leads. This gives machine builders system configuration flexibility without adding significant cost. With IP40 protection, VLM servomotors are ROHS compliant, with CE, UL and cUL recognition pending.

Micromech is a leading UK motion expert in positioning and speed control supplying a wide range of motion control products plus associated equipment to industry, research, defence and manufacturing. Micromech can supply goods either as components or complete packages and so is a significant force in the field of sophisticated multi-axis control and is a recognised specialist in servo and stepping motor applications. For more information about these exciting products contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or alan@micromech.co.uk

‘Micromech your Kollmorgen Silver Motion Partner’


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