The Compax3 now has the New Force Control application template

Parker Hannifin has announced its latest application template T44 for the Compax3 family servo drive. Applications that require an external force sensor can now be easily solved using this template; additionally the force sensor is available as a selectable option for the ETH Electro thrust-cylinder. Furthermore many applications with other electric cylinders can be supported by the template in the same way.

Compax 3The entire T44 application template contains the following:

The template file T44 provides the input macro, which is used to configure the force control. (Inputs for force sensor, nominal data of sensor, operation modes push/pull) A suggested IEC program with the necessary functionality (positioning, activation of force control, speed supervision). The user can tailor this program exactly to customer needs
Detailed documentation for the IEC-program and template, as well as application examples.

The following Compax3 variants provide the template:

A46 for one 20mA-input with F10/F11 hardware
A47 for two 20mA-inputs with F12 hardware
A48 for two 20mA- inputs with F10/F11 hardware
A49 for one 20mA-input with F12 hardware
A37 for two 10V inputs with high input impedance.

Required firmware:

Standard force control: C3 2011R09-30 (Structure: force/current)
Advanced force control: C3 2010R09-11_ForceCtrl.fwp (Select either standard = force/current or advanced = force/speed/current; ( preferred)

Compax3 Servomanager:

>= R09_20.7


Compax3 Manager Template T44 V5
Compax3 Manager Template T44 V5
IEC: FORCE_SPEED_T44_5.PRO (as basis)

Using this template the following applications have been successfully solved:

The simulation of manual operating elements of a flight simulator (pitch elevator, side rudder, throttle control etc.)
Assembling and welding plastic tubes and ball cocks for pipelines
Riveting with a defined force profile (using electronic cam control)
Force sensor-testing equipment.

The template is available to download from the Compax3 ‘Knowledgebase’.

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