Yaskawa and Micromech, a moving partnership

For the latest in technology of speed control and positioning products, Yaskawa are probably the best in the world
Yaskawa Wire Winder
Episode 6: Wire Winder

The previous wire winder machine had a number of issues to resolve, being very slow at only 40m/min and was experiencing wire breakage above 40m/min but needed to increase speed to at least 200m/min. The controls were not reliable and the tension was set ‘by feel’ rather than by set-point control also needing 2kg +/- 0.45kg to operate.

The manufacturer makes a variety of equipment to serve the semiconductor and solar industries was experiencing issues in the process to make a 0.140mm (0.0055″) abrasive-coated wire for use in cutting wafers. Their existing system relied on friction brake technology to set tension zones and control spool speeds therefore overall throughput was very slow at 40m/min and tension control was poor, resulting in product breakage. The old system was replaced with a 6 axis servo system to improve the processing speed and quality control. In spite of gearing, the Payout and Takeup spool axes could experience inertia mismatches of over 20:1. The industry leading Sigma-5 servopacks overcame the challenges without operator intervention using the 1.6 KHz response frequency, a 20-bit encoder resolution and advanced tuning-less control algorithms. Thus overall speeds of 500 m/min were comfortably reached. In addition a single 325 VDC supply was used to power the servopacks allowing for shared energy over the DC bus.

The performance achieved was a winding speed up to 500m/min (top speed), tension accuracy of +/- 0.1kg and the gained auxiliary function of geared traverse for spooling. The differentiating features of this solution were the pre-written solution toolbox for winding, Ethernet/IP interface, the Sigma-5 advanced ‘tuning-less’ operation and MECHATROLINK Digital Network. Importantly it was reliable and a simple system connecting 9 servo axes.

Yaskawa Wire Winder

The resulting benefits of this solution were the proven core code reduced commissioning time, reduced project risk, an improved performance which was a familiar connection to the PLC and HMI. The load/rotor inertia mismatches is up to 200:1 thus handling the product without re-tuning.

Micromech is the UK distributor and systems integrator for Yaskawa motion products, for more information contact Stirling on 01376 333333 or stirling@micromech.co.uk

‘Affordable Automation’


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