The ETT Series are Electric Tubular Motors

From Parker the ETT is a direct thrust linear motor actuator, ideally suited for all kind of linear handling and pick and place applications. It is a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to pneumatic cylinders in applications that demand greater flexibility and control.

Parker ETTThe ETT‘s linear motion is directly generated without the need for mechanical transmission elements like ball screws, toothed belts and gearboxes. The tubular motor has two main components; the rod (shaft) and the stator with the integrated feedback (body). The shaft is made of a stainless steel tube with built in neodymium magnets which, thanks to their high performance, are able to deliver significant thrust values from 24 up to 512N peak force. The main body comprises the stator winding, the feedback electronics and high performance bearings. A major benefit of this design is that long and/or heavy duty cycles are possible without additional cooling. The IP67 protection class allows the tubular motor to be used even under harsh environmental conditions.

There are three lengths and three sizes, satisfying the requirements of the pneumatic ISO flange standard (DIN ISO 15552:2005-12) and so achieving simplified mechanical integration. With a continuous force of 6 to 128N the ultra dynamic linear motion and position control capabilities make them Parker ETTideally suited for pneumatic substitution where greater position control capabilities are required.

Their high thermal efficiency improves reliability and increases mechanical life, while the reduced mechanical complexity delivers high energy efficiency and cuts maintenance. Swivelling electrical connectors and extensive accessory options allow flexible mounting, and with a wide choice of rod end mounting options, including swivel rod eye, increased flexibility. Furthermore the AISI304 stainless steel shaft allows its use in ‘clean’ environments.

Parker Hannifin is the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets.  Micromech is the UK distributor and systems integrator for Parker Origa electromechanical products. For more information contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or

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Yaskawa and Micromech, a moving partnership

For the latest in technology of speed control and positioning products, Yaskawa are probably the best in the world

Episode 4: Compact Disc Placer

A manufacturer wanted to produce a new machine design for compact disc placement and the challenges for Yaskawa were many-fold. They required a throughput of 350 products/minute to handle totally random product arrival and smooth re-synchronising on the fly. The existing controller/servo was expensive and costs had to be cut. The disc needed accurate placement of only 0.8mm.

This OEM makes a variety of equipment to serve the packaging industry and this application required placement of Compact Discs (CDs) into carriers at a rate of up to 350 per minute. The cases will often come down the line in a completely random fashion and are detected upstream at the placement point by a photoelectric sensor. As cases approach the placement point the controller activates the vacuum cup system on the ‘pick arm’ to grab a CD. It then calculates an adjustment amount, smoothly altering the position of the pick arm in relation to the approaching case at which point they meet at bottom dead centre. During the final placement in the transfer zone the pick arm and product conveyor is electronically synchronised in both speed and position zone.

The system achieved a throughput performance of 350 units per minute at 150mm pitch, a placement accuracy of +/- 1.6mm and additional functions of glue control, vision QC and stacker control. The differentiating solution features include modular function block approach for this rotary placer, a number of programming styles including ladder, structured text, and sequential function chart where appropriate. There is also high speed latched product buffering and dynamic smooth path cam shifting.

The resulting benefits of this solution are that the proven core code reduces commissioning time, reduces project risk and improves performance. The system now has allowed for a greater range of product sizes and much higher throughput. Furthermore it has reduced impact and wear on mechanics and even lessened power consumption.

Micromech is the UK distributor and systems integrator for Yaskawa motion products, for more information contact Stirling on 01376 333333 or

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Stepper motor control unit TMCM-1310 has closed loop and EtherCAT®

The TMCM-1310 is a fully closed loop Stepper control unit with EtherCAT® real time bus control for Stepper motors with incremental a/b/n or SSI absolute Encoders. Also including real time EtherCAT® bus interface it perfectly fits with all applications that require high reliability and high dynamics.

TMCM-1310To simplify the implementation of parameters the unit has in addition to the field bus interfaces a USB included to allow for full access. A graphical parameter setting tool for quick and easy parameter setting of all closed and open loop functions is also available for download free of charge.

TMCM-1310 controls one bipolar stepper Motor with up to 3.0A RMS coil current and supply voltages up to +52.5V. For designers using incremental a/b/n encoders or absolute SSI encoders the unit supports a highly efficient and reliable closed loop current and position control.

The closed loop parameter setting tool allows for a quick start into closed loop stepper control. By the simple press of a button the motor and encoder set-up is detected and ‘first movements’ and positioning can be executed to find the perfect parameter set.

This closed loop stepper control combines both highest dynamics with lowest power consumption. Without risking losing a step TRINAMIC closed Loop allows for current reduction close to zero when no load is applied while having the full torque available without delay if required.

Trinamic is a member of the EtherCAT® technology group and has been providing highly efficient real time controlled servo controllers for many years. The high dynamics of a closed loop stepper system and the fast real time bus EtherCAT® are a perfect match and the logical step from classical three-phase to high pole count servomotors.

Micromech is the UK and Eire distributor for these amazing products and if you would like a quote or to find out more contact Stirling Morley on 01376 333333 or email to:

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Stealth PX ‘mid range’ helical precision planetary gearheads provide higher radial load, increased service life, and ease of mounting so offering in-line power and versatility

The Stealth Gearheads incorporate design enhancements to provide superior performance for the most demanding high performance applications. Utilising ‘dual angular contact bearings’ the gearboxes provide higher radial load capacities while still maintaining high input speeds.           

Stealth PXDesign enhancements also include full complement needle bearings allowing for increased service life and extended warranties. Internal design changes and optimised gearing geometry’s allow for one oil fill level for any orientation, resulting in shortened part number designation and simplified order placement. Universal mounting kits provide common mounting kits across multiple product lines to promote quicker deliveries and ease of mounting to any servomotor.


  • High torque, greater than standard planetaries
  • Low backlash, range between 6 and 12 arc min
  • Quietest operation, less than 70db
  • High input speeds, up to 5,000 RPM
  • High efficiency, over 90% efficiency.
  • 12 ratios 3:1 to 100:1


  • Higher radial load capacity: widely spaced angular contact output bearings
  • Increased service life: full complement needle planet bearings
  • Universal mounting kits: quicker deliveries and easier mounting
  • High torque and low backlash: helical planetary gearing
  • High stiffness: integral ring gear and rigid sun gear
  • Higher gear wear resistance: plasma nitriding heat treating

High performance at an exceptional value makes Stealth PX the gearhead of choice for today‘s lower cost servo motor applications delivering the best value with the advantages of helical planetary technology.

The principal definition of stealth is the characteristic of ‘moving with extreme care and quietness’, and we think engineers will be delighted at just how faithfully these gearheads meet that description. For more information or a quotation contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or

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