Cost and space saver Glide Screw

What is a Glide Screw? It is a breakthrough innovation from Thomson. They have combined the features of a linear bearing and a lead screw into one compact package. The patent-pending Glide Screw from Thomson presents three tangible benefits: reduced footprint, extended equipment uptime and lower machine cost.

The reduced footprint means fewer components as the integrated lead screw and linear bearing means no additional guidance is needed.

Improved equipment uptime is achieved because the screw and linear bearing are already aligned.

Thomson Glide Screw

Overall this is a low cost solution through the Glide Screw being easy to install in minimal prep time, thus enabling a simpler, faster install process. It also requires minimal maintenance, as there is the integrated ‘Lube-for-Life’ lubrication block.

There are even custom configurations available featuring special nuts, screw diameters and thread leads available to accommodate specific applications.

The Glide Screw was designed to solve the challenge where smaller, cleaner, smoother, and quieter mechanical motion products are required. Numerous applications are an ideal fit for the Glide Screw including: 3D printing and engraving, fluid pipetting for 3-axis lab automation, test tube handling, CD duplication, pick and place, syringe pumps, in vitro diagnostics, medical imaging and many others!

See the Glide Screw in action on Youtube:

The Thomson Glide Screw now available from Micromech, is a genuine innovative, unique component for motion control. Micromech is the UK distributor and systems integrator for Thomson motion products, for more information call Stirling on 01376 333333 or mail to

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Kollmorgen S700 servo amplifiers have even more safety features

Built for high performance applications, these drives now offer enhanced motion safety functions with ‘Safe Limited Position’ (SLP) and ‘Safe Limited Increments’ (SLI). In order to avoid an increase in reaction times due to communication limiting factors, the drive-integrated safety technology as a plug-in module is connected close to the unit via the backplane bus with the device hardware of the servo controller. This seamless integration also halves the effort for safety technology. SIL 3 can be achieved, for example, with just a single resolver as the designers have solved the requirement for two channels internally in the drives. The integrated safety technology is so fast overall that the distances to the sources of risk can be shorter.

S700These growing demands for safety and productivity combined with ease of use, un-compromised reliability and fast time to market are just some of today’s challenges facing machine builders and process engineers. The S700 digital servo drive now includes SIl2 and SIl3 safety features. With standard safety functions including STO (Safe Torque Off) and optional expansion cards for SIl 2 and SIl 3 that offer ‘Safe Stop’, ‘Safe Limited Speed’ and Safe Direction’, the S700 series digital amplifier increases machine system availability thus making a real contribution to these factors. The high performance S700 features a very fast current control loop combined with a ‘fast drivebus’ that helps to deliver the dynamic speed, position and axis synchronisation performance that is fundamental for real throughput and productivity increases especially for complex drive tasks.

Drive options include a wide choice of fieldbus protocols and feedback interfaces, whilst one cable connection and seamless operation across Kollmorgen’s extensive range of servomotors allows straightforward installation. Rated current options range from 1.5 A to 72 A, in a wide choice of standard single and three-phase line voltages. The compact S700 is easy to set-up and tune, and may be programmed with a built-in Macro programmer for simple single axis positioning functions or with IEC 61131- 3 ‘Structured Text’ for more complex tasks. Regarding the communication of SIl2 and SIl3 safety functions the drive offers Ethernet connectivity based systems such as EtherCAT® that have the appropriate safety-related protocols.

Micromech is a leading UK motion expert in positioning and speed control supplying a wide range of motion control products plus associated equipment to industry, research, defence and manufacturing. Micromech can supply goods either as components or complete packages and so is a significant force in the field of sophisticated multi-axis control and is a recognised specialist in servo and stepping motor applications. For more information about these exciting products contact Alan Spinks on 01376 333333 or

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The Sigma-5 Large Capacity Motors and SERVOPACKs extend the power range to up to 55 kW.

This is the strongest Sigma-5 line-up ever, now available from Yaskawa! The new Sigma-5 servo drives increase speeds, improves performance with cleaner, lighter and more compact equipment. They are easy to use and easy to set up with the usual Sigma-5 high standard of excellence.

Best in the class, the Sigma-5 servo system fits in motion applications demanding high capacity motors, high accuracy, fast positioning and perfect multi-axis synchronisation. Its compact design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications such as presses, rotary cutters, inject moulding machines, machine tools or wire saws, where high torque is required.

Yaskawa Large Sigma 5

The Servopacks and Converter SGDV have a power supply voltage of 400V AC Voltage as standard giving available power of 22 to 55 kW Standard. The command interface options are analogue voltage, pulse train reference or a fieldbus command option card.

The servomotors SGMVV are as standard 1500 rpm (max speed 2000rpm) giving 22 to 55 kW, the encoder is high resolution 20-bit and there is an option of a 24V DC holding brake.

The Sigma-5 Large capacity can be combined with the Standard Sigma-5 options like advanced safety card, feedback cards and fieldbus options. Therefore this possibility offers the same flexibility with EtherCAT, ProfiNet, Powerlink, CANopen and Devicenet.

The Sigma-5 Large Capacity components can be ordered today and be available from stock in February 2014.

Micromech is the UK distributor and systems integrator for Yaskawa motion products, for more information contact Stirling on 01376 333333 or

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Stepper motor control unit TMCM-1311 has closed loop and CAN/RS485/USB

The TMCM-1311 is a fully closed loop stepper control unit with CAN and RS485 fieldbus control for stepper motors with incremental a/b/n encoders. To simplify the parameter setting there is in addition to the field bus interfaces a USB port available to give full access.

Trinamic TMCM-1311The TMCM-1311 controls one bipolar stepper motor with up to 3.0A RMS coil current and supply voltages up to plus 52.5V. With incremental a/b/n encoders it supports a highly efficient and reliable closed loop current and position control.

A graphical parameter setting tool for quick and easy parameter setting of all closed and open loop functions is also available via a free of charge download.  The closed loop parameter setting tool allows for a quick start into closed loop stepper control. Furthermore by just the press of a button the motor and encoder set-up is detected therefore first movements and positioning can be executed to find the perfect parameter set.

The Trinamic closed loop stepper control combines both highest dynamic and very low power consumption. Without risking losing a step the closed loop allows for current reduction to close to zero when no load is applied while having the full torque available without delay if required.

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