TRINAMIC Easy-to-Use, Fully Customisable Embedded Driver for NEMA 17 Stepper Motors, the new TMCM-1043

Exciting New Product Available from Micromech!

TRINAMIC Motion Control, have released a smart, energy and cost efficient embedded driver designed for direct mounting on NEMA 17 stepper motors.

Trinamic TMCM – 1043

Trinamic TMCM-1043Pre-programmed and pre-configured with all operating parameters to support standard 1.1A (rms) motors, is intended for rapid design-in and off-the-shelf use without any additional programming necessary.

With its optional programming kit, the TMCM-1043 becomes a versatile fully customisable smart driver suitable for a broad range of embedded motion control and mechatronic applications. In addition to a desktop programming kit with an intuitive GUI for evaluation and parameter selection, a volume programmer for quick parameterisation of production scale quantities will be available.

The TMCM-1043 incorporates the TMC2660, TRINAMIC’s latest stepper motor driver IC, which integrates power MOSFETS with the industry’s lowest RDS(on) specification, resulting in minimal power dissipation. The PCB also integrates all required protection circuitry and interface hardware into a compact and robust assembly. The TMCM-1043 is pulse controlled for 16 microsteps per fullstep. TRINAMIC’s patented proprietary interpolation processor interpolates these steps to a resolution of 256 microsteps per fullstep, providing smooth and exceptionally quiet operation.

TMCM-1043 is currently available from Micromech in production quantities with attractive volume pricing available.

Contact sales at Micromech for further details on 01376 333333 or


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