Now available from Micromech – High quality servo motor/drive packages from Motor Power Company

Tetra and Tetra Compact AC Brushless servo motors:

Motor Power Company


MPC Tetra and Tetra Compact

Italian manufacturer Motor Power Company has many years of experience designing and manufacturing high quality motors and drives. MPC products are available in the UK exclusively from Micromech.

TETRA COMPACT is a beautifully designed compact low power range of motors available in four frame sizes with a range of winding, feed back sensors, shaft and connection options. An optional brake is also available.

The TETRA range is available in three frame sizes, also with a range of winding, feed back sensors, shaft, connection and break options. The patented construction of the rotor permits two possible inertia options on the same motor size by ensuring an optimum dynamic response even with different load masses.

Both TETRA and TETRA Compact motors boast outstanding efficiency along with high torque ratings, thanks to the intrinsic technology that makes the very most of the magnetic material used. The TETRA and Tetra Compact servo motor range is particularly suitable for positioning tasks in applications such as industrial robotics, machine tool, actuators and machine automation with demanding requirements in terms of dynamics and stability.

Flexi PRO and Basic PRO digital servo drives

Flexi PRO
In addition to Motor Power Company’s excellent range of high quality servo motors three ranges of digital servo drive are available to provide the perfect motor/drive combination. Each range has high degree of flexibility and exceptional capabilities.

Coupled with TETRA COMPACT and TETRA servo motors these drive platforms offer an excellent solution to a wide range of applications.

The FLEXI PRO series features a high-performance digital servo drive offering advanced functionality, high power density and seamless commissioning in a superior package. The innovative hardware design and software algorithms boast outstanding performance in one of the smallest footprints in the market.

Features and benefits

  • Multi feedback.
  • Digital I/O: 11 digital inputs and 6 outputs, customisable with several built-in functions and internal script.
  • 120/240/400/480v single and three phase input voltages.
  • Control: HD advanced control loop with adaptive gains.
  • Servo modes: torque, velocity and position with s-curve profile.
  • STO SIL2.
  • Integrated support for external braking resistor.
  • Complete motor database for easy parameterisation.
  • Intelligent auto-tuning to minimise position error and reduces set up time to almost zero.
  • New current loop design achieves industry leading frequency response of up to 3Khz.
  • Innovative anti-vibration algorithm to eliminate mechanical resonance.
  • CANopen, EtherCAT, PROFI NET,

Basic PRO
Alternatively for the perfect balance between performance and price choose a drive from the Basic PRO range for a package to suit many simple applications at lowest cost.

Basic PRO drives are equipped with essential features to make the perfect drive for non-complex applications. It is available in both single and two axis versions within the same case size.

Features and benefits

  • Standard feedback:ttl encoder with hall sensor.
  • 230 and 240Vac input voltages.
  • Single and two axis versions available in same size package.
  • Digital I/O: 6 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs customisable with several built-in functions.
  • Control: advanced control loops with torque and velocity feed forward.
  • Servo modes: torque, velocity and position with s-curve profile.
  • Gearing and gantry control built in the dual axis version.
  • External torque limits built-in.
  • Hard homing, sensorless reference system without need for limit-switches.
  • Complete motor database for easy parameterisation.
  • Limited inrush current with embedded resistor
  • Integrated support for external braking resistor

For assistance specifying the ideal MPC solution for your application, contact Micromech on 01376 333333 or Email

Solutions for reducing machine footprint and providing modular design

Solutions for reducing machine footprint and providing modular design

At Micromech, we understand that when designing for packaging, filling, textile, paper or converting machines, being able to offer the best use of space and modularity can set you apart from the competition. Parker has taken the next logical evolution in machine motion control by offering components that reduce your machines’ footprint and offer modular design.

Triple Axis Servo Drive

Developed for all applications where multiple drives are used but gives OEMs and End Users the opportunity to reduce build, configuration and operating costs. Learn more

Motornet DC

Allows decentralised motion control architecture. Additional axes can be added simply by duplicating schematics. Reduces engineering time and costs by simplifying build and improves “time to market”. Learn more

Update from Sales Director Jon Harding

Update from Sales Director Jon Harding.

Due to continued growth we are delighted to announce the appointment of Darren Mackay as our new Field OEM/applications sales person.

Darren has worked with Micromech in the past and has great deal of experience in the field of automation and motion control.

We welcome him back and wish him every success in his new role.


Pick the right Electro cylinder for the job

The new Parker Electro Thrust Cylinder (ETH) is now available from Micromech, Parker’s premier systems integration partner.

The new Parker ETH is a product that closes the gap between pneumatic and hydraulic drive technology – offering a replacement that increases reliability and is more economical.

The new High Force Electro Thrust Cylinder (ETH) has unrivalled power density and is compact. Micromech can also supply a complimentary range of controllers, motors and gearboxes.

Please follow the link below for Parker’s on line sizing tool which provides an easy step-by-step method for selecting the right ETH cylinder for the job. Alternatively contact Micromech on 01376 333333 and discuss your application with one of our experienced engineers who will be happy to size a cylinder for you and provide a competitive quotation.

Further information:

Online Sizing Tool     ETH Product Overview    Download CAD files for ETH